Masta Thom Gets Revenge On Those Who Set Him Up In The “Warmhouse” Video


Since I was a kid I’ve always loved movies. My favorite movie as a child was Terminator 2: Judgement Day. I used to pretend I was Arnold riding around on a motorcycle with a shotgun, saving John Connor and the human race every day for months on end (sorry for driving you crazy, mom). Since then I haven’t cared much for action films outside of superhero movies; I’m big into comedy and I’ve recently found a love for horror movies.

When I saw the trailer for Masta Thom’s “Warmhouse” I was ready to see the full video. There was action and a storyline, something that many hip-hop artists do not utilize anymore. Revenge is the theme for this record, a trap banger that shows Thom being lead to his death with a friend. He ends up surviving which means bad news for those who were responsible for executing him.


We’re shown Thom getting payback six months later on those that have wronged him in grizzly fashion as he sports an eye patch during his journey. Him and his crew pick off these men one by one, some with guns and one man facing his death via strangulation. I won’t spoil the end of the video but it is satisfying to see Masta Thom executing people in a Kill Bill fashion. Directed by the brilliant Brill Adium, “Warmhouse” has been teased in videos by him for months. If you need any receipts of this just check the last two videos by Orlando’s Mave.

This video serves as just another great release from the Orlando, FL scene that I’m proud to be apart of. The city has an incredible music landscape and it’s only a matter of time before people like Masta Thom, Brill, Mave, Nicey Most Likey, Palmer Reed, and more become noticed by the masses on a national level.


Masta Thom online: Twitter | Soundcloud | Booking

Brill Adium online: Twitter | Instagram | Booking


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