3 Albums I’ve Been Sleeping On Because I Didn’t Open My Email


I can’t complain about how busy I’ve been lately because I remember times when I wanted to be this busy and I wasn’t. It’s a blessing and a curse because I want to be able to help people as much as possible but then things begin falling through the cracks. This is part of why you’ve seen more lists on the site instead of individual posts. I promise I’ll be getting back to those very soon.

One thing that happens when you fall behind is that it becomes hard to catch up on your emails and craft responses. Or if you’re like me, you reply and then forget that you were going to do a post and then here it is two months later. I say all that to say this: don’t be like me. This is also a reminder to myself to stop being like those other sites who just let their email pile up and don’t respond to artists who need and want to be featured on a platform. While I’ve been slacking, I’ve found three spectacular projects from indie artists that I wanted to share with you today.

(album titles in italics)


COSMOS Press Photo

Seattle isn’t really known for hip-hop but if my friends at Town Talk Podcast have a say, they’ll be changing that. I was introduced to COSMOS a couple months ago and I’ve played their MOONSHINE project a few times while at the day job. They blend rock with hip-hop in the style of a live band that makes it sound original. The five member group created an enjoyable listen with their first project and the only way to go from here is up.

Mallz Subject To Change


You’ve seen Mallz featured on JHMF plenty of times in the past; most recently his “All Day” single was posted in lieu of this album. Subject To Change is the latest release in the North Carolina MC’s catalog as he calls on production from Ace Dizzy Flow, Grammy-nominated producer D.R.U.G.S. Beats, K-Hill, and more. People are scared of change but according to Mallz that’s the only thing that’s constant in this life. Things change all the time but can you adapt?


KuuL The Offering


KuuL is an artist that I admire. He’s able to blend the traditional NY style of hip-hop in a fashion that makes it enjoyable for you in this era of music. He dropped the Statik Selektah produced “L.W.L [Link With Legends]” earlier this year and ends his latest project, The Offering, with it as well. There’s a lot of good material on this project and it comes in short with nine tracks. You can stream it via his website and also sign up for free merchandise with his newsletter.


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