Manny Rite Is Looking To Be The Next To Blow From Toronto On “Wit It”


One of my favorite memories from my college experience is remembering how hungry myself and all of my friends were during my sophomore year. I met some of my best friends in 2006-2007 thanks to WISU 89.7 FM in my hometown. We all inspired each other to do great things and those guys still inspire me to be successful. Even though most of us have left the radio business it’s always fun to remember how hard we pushed each other those years in terms of being great.

Seeing your friends succeed and achieve greatness is beautiful. For Scarborough, Toronto, Canada’s Manny Rite, growing up with childhood friend Tory Lanez has only made him want to strive for greatness. Rite has been patient as an artist and he feels that his time to blow is coming right now. “Wit It” is his way of telling the world he’s ready for the success that his friend has achieved and it’s a catchy track.


“Wit It” is produced by Too Faeded and is Manny’s recollection of how much he’s been winning at the moment. The track is carried by the dark production in the verses, sparked by piano keys, hi-hats, and kick drums, as Manny boasts about being down for whatever has been coming his way. Lyrically Manny executes with witty puns and facts about his crew and the ladies they’ve been pulling while they’re on the come up.

The music industry is big enough to have enough stars from multiple regions. I’ve spoken before about Drake opening the flood gates for Toronto hip-hop and we’ve experienced a lot of quality music from the indie scene there. Tory Lanez is the latest to make it and if Manny Rite keeps going in this direction he’ll be following those footsteps to success very shortly.


Manny Rite online: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website


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