Miami Neo-soul Artist Dyna Edyne Impresses On Her “Branches” EP


When you’re a writer for a genre of music it can become tedious when looking to discover new talent to highlight. While the indie scene is great in regards for having a lot of different sounds than the mainstream, you end up getting a lot of submissions that sound the same. For me it’s always refreshing when I come across an artist that doesn’t sound like whatever it is I’m currently listening to (right now a lot of 2 Chainz to get me ready for Pretty Girls Like Trap Music).

Enter Miami Neo-soul artist Dyna Edyne and her Branches EP. Dyna has opened for August Alsina and is currently a featured artist on Trina’s latest project Dynasty 6. She’s been featured in the Miami Herald for her music as well. While those accolades speak volumes for a budding artist, it’s the music that does all of the talking. Branches is only five records but the vibe and emotion you get from listening to her sing embodies the therapy that lighting incense and taking a bubble bath could give you after a stressful day at work.


After watching the “Go Down” video (not on Branches) I could tell that she’s an artist that cares more about the art side rather than just the music. It’s rare to find an artist that cares as much about their video presentation as they do the music they create. With Dyna it’s easy to see that passion for this visual art form drives her to create and she does it well.


You can take a listen to Branches on Spotify below or open your app and search her name. If you like it enough, here’s the iTunes link so you can purchase the EP and support her craft so she can continue to make beautiful music.


Dyna Edyne online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Miami New Times



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