C. Shreve The Professor Brings The Bars To The Party With New Freestyle + “Boom Bap Bistro”


You know bars are a requirement in hip-hop. The catchy melodies are fun but there has to be a balance of songs that make you shake your head from something crazy an artist said on the track. With North Carolina artist C. Shreve the Professor that’s never an issue as he’s one of the best lyricists in indie hip-hop.

Shreve is wrapping up a small tour, one where he met with my pal K1NG ELJAY, and in the process released two solid records. His “Visual Freestyle” is acapella and sees Shreve in front of a black background while his words and hand gestures come to life as he rhymes. This record is just a small example of the lyricism that Shreve can bring on a record and what he’s done in the past.


The Professor isn’t finished quite yet as “Boom Bap Bistro” features John Alex Harper and hard hitting drums from producer P.U.R.P. Shreve and Harper take turns assaulting the beat, which as its title suggests is of the boom-bap style. The title of the record also serves as a play on the “food for thought” phrase. Sit down and get full off of the knowledge of this track.


C. Shreve the Professor online: Twitter

John Alex Harper online: Twitter

P.U.R.P. online: Twitter


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