The Track Burnaz Prove That Great Music Sells Itself On “DOPE”


With the streaming era of music we’re in, quantity has overthrown quality when it comes to releasing songs. I only have to point to an artist like Future who has released a slew of projects over the past three years (two albums, FUTURE and HNDRXX, back to back weeks in February). There are artists who can maintain quality with quantity but those are rare cases. Great music will always sell itself, which happens to the the case for Miami, FL natives The Track Burnaz.

Currently staying in Los Angeles, the songwriting and production trio, composed of high school friends Ruben Raymond, Briggs, & JB, have worked behind the scenes with Jason Derulo among others and currently have two records on major label albums (Big Sean’s “Inspire Me” from I Decided and “Use Me” on Future’s HNDRXX). “DOPE” is their next single from the upcoming GLORY album with Briggs leading the way with the vocals.


“DOPE” talks about the quality of music the trio have been putting out, supplying the customer (listener) with high quality drugs (music) to keep coming back and listening to them. The production is subtle yet hype with how hard the drums hit in between the keys of this infectious single. “Dope sells itself/Top shelf Top shelf/Everything I drop sells”, Briggs sings and raps in a boisterous manner on the chorus. The group have a right to feel themselves with how much success they’ve garnered halfway through 2017.

The Track Burnaz are stacking up their wins slowly but with credits on these major albums, that will begin to pave the way for their success as a group. This trio of friends from high school probably never imagined this type of success when they decided to go down the path of music. It’s coming to them faster than ever now and I hope they’re as excited as I am.

Stream “DOPE”: Apple | Spotify | Tidal

Purchase “DOPE”: Amazon | Google | iTunes

The Track Burnaz online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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