More Albums I’ve Been Sleeping On Because I Didn’t Open My Email


I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to music right now. It doesn’t help that one of the biggest hip-hop artists of all time drops an album out of thin air to distract all of the hip-hop community either. While doing a cleaning of my email I found a few albums that stood out to me in regards to their marketing approach and their music that I wanted to highlight.

P.A.T. Junior

North Carolina’s hip-hop scene is growing just like many other parts of the south that aren’t Atlanta. P.A.T. Junior’s black & mild album is a trip down the country roads of North Carolina on a dark night as you reflect on your life and dreams. P.A.T. produced all of the records and with it standing at six tracks, it’s a fast listen. It’s filling though and will leave you hungry for more. You can purchase P.A.T.’s discography at his Bandcamp for under $30 total.


Mikeyy Austin

Just like P.A.T. above, Mikeyy Austin faces a similar situation for hip-hop in Michigan. Austin, a Lansing native, mixes uplifting production with tales of hope and positivity throughout the 12 track album. Features include Sareem Poems, Jahshua Smith, Adam Reverie, James Gardin, and more. You can get to know Mikeyy better with this interview he did with Dead End Hip Hop.


Kyle Goldstein

An artist’s inspirations usually tells everything about them. For Massachusetts’ Kyle Goldstein, his motivation includes artists like Nirvana, Drake, and Bassnectar; an interesting selection. Kyle’s Made For More is his debut and was released in June. Goldstein keeps the project to himself as we travel down ambient records while he sings and raps to us about wanting more out of life than what he has right now, a story many of us can relate to.


G Granite

I’ve been following G Granite’s music for a few years now. His marketing rollouts for his project are always fun to see plus he drops a lot of knowledge on social media. IN Search for a Weapon or Wisdom is the third installment to his Rich In The Blood series, one that has been spanning the last few years. If you’re into thought provoking lyrics over unique production you’ll want to add this to your playlist immediately.


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