5 Songs I Have On Repeat This Week


Now that the hype from 4:44 has died down a little bit, I’ve finally had time to go through my email again and listen to some excellent music from the people who follow me (and don’t). This post has a mixture of uptempo tracks along with music that will make you think. I like finding balance in my playlists, I don’t follow the laws of Barney Stinson who thinks a playlist should be all rise.




What Gino has been doing with his brand and style of music is nothing short of spectacular lately. The Detroit native, currently staying in LA, releases a catchy track about money with frequent producer wxve. The bounce on this one is nice and it’s perfect to rap along to after a few of your favorite drinks on a Friday or Saturday night. I’ll have to test out this theory this weekend.


It’s Lil’ Meechy


If you’re into trap songs about blowing your money and earning it just as fast, It’s Lil’ Meechy can be of service. The Tennessee artist, who is 16 years old, waited until the end of the school semester to capitalize on this record. Recorded in the Street Executives studios in Atlanta, this one screams Atlanta as Meechy tells us how he’s ready to get to the money.


James Gardin


Ok it’s time to switch things up with this one. Michigan’s James Gardin has a knack for experimenting with his musical style and “Black Boy Blush” holds to that standard. It’s produced by EssBe and details the emotions that a guy gets when he falls in love at first sight. The hook on this one is awesome and feels exactly like that feeling when you lay eyes on the person you want to be with for the rest of your life.


Joey Burbs


While listening to Jay’s 4:44 the track that resonated with me the most was “Marcy Me” feat. The-Dream. Every time I go back to my hometown I reflect on how it made me into the person I am today. Houston’s Joey Burbs does a similar thing with his latest single, “Houston Nights”. The self-produced track features Joey singing on the hook about sacrifices and wanting to make his city proud. Reflection is great for growth and it’s important to remember all the things that Joey has included on this record.


Sareem Poems

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Many people are great at talking but when it comes to practicing what they preach? They fail. Sareem Poems teams with Terem to address the fakes and phonies that we have in hip-hop today.

You have fake players, fake tough guys, fake hipsters etc. The pressure to fit in is massive in this world. Hunting for approval through likes and followers on social media through selfies. Knowing all the while that this is not really you most of the time. The song is split into two parts. The 1st verse is spotting inconsistencies (it’s easy to point the finger) and the 2nd verse is finding beauty in simply being (it’s okay to be yourself).

Practice what you preach and don’t be afraid if people don’t like you. There are 7 billion people in the world, not everyone is going to like you.


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