Gabriel’s Numb In The Intimate Video For “Neverland”


Earlier this year I was humbled and pleased to present Gabriel’s She Left Home project. It was somber in sound and explored his deeper thoughts in lyrical and musical form. It’s still one of my favorite projects from 2017 and I plan on revisiting it again this weekend when I’m not reviewing music.

After the release, Gabriel did some exploring and had some fun. I remember seeing social media posts of him playing around in the snow and visiting different areas of the country. He’s come back to reality and is giving us a video for one of the standouts from She Left Home, “Neverland”.


In the video, directed by Michael O’Brien, we’re treated to a calm and intimate setting. Scenes flash of Gabriel setting up a yard chair in front of what appears to be a parking garage barrier. The video is in black & white, adding to the effect of being numb while we see instances of Gabriel showing some emotion. There’s a well placed “love u” in the background of the barrier which adds another layer of emotion to the song.


During the video you can see he’s reliving the moments that helped create this music. He seems frustrated in certain moments where others he’s able to crack a smile. This leads me to believe he’s reminiscing and remembering all of the moments of his life with another person; there’s anger, joy, grief, and more all seen through Gabriel’s eyes and facial expressions on “Neverland”.

You can check out Gabriel’s She Left Home and follow him on your social media preference below.

Gabriel on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

She Left Home: Soundcloud


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