Gino Incorporates His Screenwriting Skills For His “Payphone” Single


I’m thankful for the era of hip-hop that I was able to experience as I maneuvered through my teenage years. Thanks to people like Ludacris, Master P, JAY-Z, and many others, the rap skit was kept alive in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It takes a special skit to make you never skip to the next song; some have been listed as their own tracks while some are added to the beginning or end of songs.

LA based artist Gino takes the skit to a new height with his latest rcky produced single, “Payphone”. The catchy, success based record sees Gino using his Italian roots to their fullest capabilities throughout as he draws inspiration from such classic mob movies as Goodfellas and The Godfather. We hear Gino strut on the verses while providing pop culture references before the chorus has your head nodding back and forth.


While I love the song for it’s catchy nature, what drew me to playing it on repeat was the skits about making “business” calls on the payphone. Gino stars as each character, providing authentic dialogue from the movies that served as inspiration for the talented screenwriter. The argument at the end of the record was the final piece that sold me as hilarity ensues between a husband and wife.


We now live in a world where anyone can do anything. This means when it comes to creating, you have to be innovative and standout or your material will blend in with the wall. Gino excels at standing out, using all of his talents on this record and with every piece of music he’s released in the past year.


Gino online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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