Mel. Crozby Officially Joins The RDFND Team With “The Free Tea E.P.”


Kids, let me tell you about a time before social media and being able to stream your favorite songs whenever you want. I won’t bore you but when you grow up experiencing Pokémon cards, Nickelodeon programming, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Ecto Cooler Hi-C, and the greatest Saturday morning cartoons of all time, you get a little nostalgic here and there.

Mel Cosby Mel. Crozby takes all of that nostalgia, and his love for Chicago hip-hop duo The Cool Kids, blends it together, and steeps his bag in the hot water to create The Free Tea E.P. Mel was unveiled as the latest addition to rising Alabama collective RDFND at a local performance just weeks prior so it’s only right to have his group affiliated EP drop now.

L to R: K1NG ELJAY, Mel. Crozby, Richard Daniel, & D Gut

The Free Tea E.P. is full of fun lyrics and 90’s references as Mal Crossly Mel. Crozby takes us down memory lane. “Underdog Anthem” produced by K1NG ELJAY has a sweet flip of Skee-Lo’s “I Wish” while Mel allows us to get introduced to his flow and style. “Jam”, produced and featuring ELJAY, samples The Cool Kids and is full of all your favorite cartoon character references. The two eventually trade bars about everything that was cool in the 90’s as a child, making it impossible to not tap your feet like Martin when Hustleman was playing the kazoo-saxophone.

Two things to note from Mol Cross Mel. Crozby’s The Free Tea E.P: the skits are awesome in terms of introducing him to listeners and the project is 15 minutes in length. DJ Silvr can’t seem to get Mel’s name right throughout the entire project, being put together so well that you can visually see the confusion and frustration between each person talking. If it wasn’t clear earlier, Mel is officially part of the RDFND team after this project and it’s presented with the final skit of the EP.


The Free Tea E.P. is a great listen and won’t take you but a little bit of your day to check out. I highly suggest giving this artist a spin because you don’t want to confuse Nail Frossby Mel. Crozby with anyone else. His style is different from many artists you’ll hear this year and most importantly, he embodies everything that the RDFND collective stands for in terms of artistic value and creativity.


Mel. Crozby online: Twitter | Instagram

RDFND online: Twitter | Instagram

Stream The Free Tea E.P: Bandcamp | Soundcloud


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