D-Gut & K1NG ELJAY Bring The Nostalgia In The “No One’s Watching” Video


In case you were missing the news this week, Apple has discontinued the iPod nano and mini. The first thing you’re probably thinking is, “damn they still made those after the iPhone came out?”. I was a bit confused as well because I haven’t seen an iPod nano or mini in years. I remember my brother having one of the mini’s as I was tasked with uploading all of his favorite music to it (which was just code for me to put all of the hottest music on there since I worked in radio).

I found it ironic this week when K1NG ELJAY hit me up about premiering a new record that him and fellow RDFND member D-Gut were releasing. Well, it wasn’t ironic until I pressed play on the video he sent for “No One’s Watching” and noticed the similarities to the vintage Apple commercials from the mid-2000’s. I’m big on creativity for indie music and to bring back a part of our teenage years that resonated with me was hilarious.


The RDFND collective have been busy helping Mel. Crozby get some buzz so Gut & Eljay’s The Process project hasn’t been getting promoted as often as when it dropped. That changes with the premiere of this video as they’re literally dancing on the camera as if De La Soul’s “Me, Myself, & I” is blaring in the background of the studio in which this was shot by director Friction Of Life (the record sample’s the same De La Soul record). Mel. even makes a cameo to show off some of his moves in the nostalgia filled video.


It’s been fun watching this collective rise on the Alabama hip-hop scene and you should be paying attention to their rise. They’re slowly building a fan base while performing shows locally which is the foundation to creating success. If you haven’t listened to The Process it comes in at 30 minutes playtime and you can stream it below.


K1NG ELJAY online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

D-Gut online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

RDFND online: Twitter | Instagram

Friction Of Life online: FacebookTwitter | Instagram


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