2023's Hottest Footcare Trend: Wave Goodbye to Dry Skin Now!

2023’s Hottest Footcare Trend: Wave Goodbye to Dry Skin Now!

It’s time to pamper and reveal the beauty of your feet, to be the queen of autumn! Like many women, perhaps you tend to neglect the appearance of your feet a little. Result ? Dry, dull skin that lacks charm.

But do not panic ! Here is an essential summer routine that will allow you to find soft and silky skin. So you can put on your favorite sandals without an ounce of hesitation. Ready to discover this beauty secret? Follow the leader !

The beauty of the feet, a detail often overlooked by many women

You are well aware of the importance of a daily beauty routine to take care of your skin. Morning and evening, you devote time to these rituals with particular attention. However, like many women, there is a part of your body that sometimes gets left behind.

It’s of course your feet. However, they require just as much attention. They are used throughout the day, and can easily become dry, especially around the heels. Not to mention the appearance of horn, not really glamorous.

This is why it is crucial to take care of your feet. The season for sandals and open shoes is here, so your feet need to look their best.

The ultimate routine for pampered feet

You are probably wondering how to take care of your feet. Don’t stress, it’s not that complicated. To begin, we recommend a foot bath in lukewarm water with coarse sea salt.

This ritual helps to soften and purify the skin, thanks to the antibacterial properties of salt. Immerse your feet in this mixture for around thirty minutes. Then, it’s time for the scrub, made with a mixture of sugar and olive oil.

This scrub removes dead skin and softens the skin. You can finish this ritual with a pumice stone. Finally, make sure to moisturize your feet well once they are dry.

For optimal effectiveness, a little tip: cover your feet with a thick layer of moisturizing cream before slipping on a pair of socks. Leave on all night. In this way, the skin will be deeply nourished. When you wake up, your feet will be soft and smooth.

Enhance the beauty of your feet with the perfect pedicure

Now that you know how to take care of your feet, why not give them a little pedicure? We recommend cutting your nails short and filing them carefully. It’s much more elegant. Then, the choice of varnish color is vast. This season, bright colors are in the spotlight.

So, you can opt for a fuchsia or neon green varnish. If you prefer more sober shades, that’s entirely possible. Nude will be one of the big trends of this summer season. You can then choose a pale pink, taupe or cream varnish. Up to you. Don’t forget to match your pedicure with the rest of your outfit. This way you will be stylish from head to toe. So, are you ready to take on the challenge? Up to you !