8 Tips to Avoid Arguments and Promote Marital Happiness

We all have times when we feel the need to raise our voice, even say things that we don’t really mean or mean and it ends up making us feel bad.

Arguments with family, friends, colleagues, etc. are normal and can even serve to improve and grow. The problem, however, arises when we talk about it too much, because it can cause a lot of friction with those around us, to the point of destroying solid relationships, and not only in the area of ​​love, but also in that of friendship. or the world of work.

If you think you’re arguing too much, take note of these 8 tips for talking without arguing:

Active listening: the key to good communication

One of the first tips when talking to people without arguing is to always actively listen when communicating with others. It must be done in this way to achieve empathy, always remaining open to listening to the words of others, avoiding judgment and being patient. By listening actively, you create a space for respectful dialogue and you better understand your interlocutor.

Have a goal and respect speaking turn

On the other hand, when it comes to communicating, you must have an objective to address and always respect the speaking turn. If you are clear about what you want to say, you can avoid taking detours that lead nowhere and also repeating information. By taking turns speaking, it will be possible to maintain active listening, thus helping to know the other’s point of view and generating empathy which will be the key to good communication.

Emotional intelligence: knowing your emotions

It is very important to know how to work on emotional intelligence to be able to speak without arguing with others. To achieve this, it is necessary to know yourself very well and to be aware of the points where there is room for improvement in order to try to improve them. Knowing your emotions and managing them constructively allows you to communicate better and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Knowing the other person well: the key to smooth communication

For adequate communication without discussion, it will be important to know what our usual style is when we speak, as well as being able to learn how the other communicates. This knowledge is what, to a large extent, will allow us to hold conversations without arguing. By adapting our communication to the style of the other, we promote better understanding and avoid misunderstandings.

Know that not everyone is the same: adapt your communication

When it comes to maintaining communication with someone else, you need to be aware that not everyone is the same, so every man and woman has different points when it comes to have conversations with others. If we talk about gender, women tend to be more empathetic and assertive people when it comes to speaking, while men tend to use more rational arguments and, in case of being overwhelmed in a discussion , it is common that they choose to leave or for silence. It is therefore important to take these differences into account to adapt our communication.

Emotional cooling: taking a break

There are times when a conversation may be out of our control, but we may realize that something is going well and it’s not going to end in the best way. If we feel like we’re about to explode, it’s time to ask for a break or give it to ourselves. This technique, called emotional cooling, involves changing focus and doing another activity or changing the subject to avoid discussion. Taking a break allows you to calm your mind and return to a more serene conversation.

Avoid reproaches: favor constructive dialogue

To avoid arguments, it is recommended to avoid reproaches. When there are different opinions, you should not try to emphasize “you” messages, such as “it’s you”, “because you”… Reproaches can put the other person on the defensive and make communication even more difficult. Favor constructive dialogue by expressing your point of view in a respectful manner.

Speak your point of view: maintain harmony

Finally, if you want to speak without arguing, you must be very careful when discussing certain sensitive subjects. These types of sensitive issues need to be handled sensitively. One way to speak without causing arguments and hurting others is to always speak from our opinion and point of view, but being open to listening to what others have to say, always in an appropriate and correct manner.

By following these tips, you can improve your conversations and avoid unnecessary arguments. Take the time to know yourself better, adapt your communication to different styles and encourage respectful dialogue. Together we can build strong and harmonious relationships.