A family raises a “dog” for two years before discovering its true identity!

Shock in a Chinese family: what they thought was a Tibetan Mastiff, one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world, turned out to be something else. Raised for two years as a simple companion dog, the mastín eventually revealed its true nature.

From misunderstanding to reality

The increase in pets is a global phenomenon. However, sometimes unexpected situations arise, especially when adopting animals without knowing their true origin. This is exactly what happened to Su Yun, a Chinese woman who bought what she thought was a Tibetan Mastiff in 2016.

Amazed by his impressive physical characteristics, Su Yun’s family began raising him like any other dog. But as time passed, the mastín showed unusual signs: “Every day, it devoured a crate of fruit and two bowls of noodles,” Su Yun told LadBible. And “the older he got, the more he looked like a bear.”

The huge revelation

The Tibetan Mastiff continued to gain weight, quickly exceeding 250 pounds, looking more like a bear than a dog.

When they realized the truth, they immediately called the authorities.

After a few tests, the verdict was in: it was not a Tibetan mastín but an Asian black bear!

This bear is highly sought after on the black market for a substance present in its bile. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. The bear was recovered and placed in a wildlife sanctuary. Although the bear never showed any aggression towards his adopted family, Su Yun admitted, “I have always been afraid of bears.”

A lesson learned

This mishap reminds us of the importance of knowing the origin of the animals we adopt. Maybe next time this family will opt for a chihuahua, a much safer and smaller option!