Astrologers reveal 5 superstitions that may have a basis in reality

Superstitions are an integral part of our culture. Whether it’s avoiding cracks in sidewalks or broken mirrors, we all grew up listening to this sage advice.

But as we grew up, we realized that most of them were just popular beliefs. However, some astrologers believe that there may be some truth behind some of them. Here are 7 superstitions that may well have merit in their eyes.

The evil eye

The concept of the evil eye is universally recognized. According to this belief, the envious looks of others can bring misfortune. Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer, explains that our thoughts can actually influence our environment to some extent. She adds: “There is a sociological angle. This belief encourages people to be humble and maintain social harmony.” To ward off negativity, wear an evil eye amulet.

Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde is a period that occurs several times a year. During this period, the planet Mercury appears to recede in the sky, which is often associated with communication and technological problems. Liz Roby, a professional astrologer, notes that although science does not entirely support it, there are periods of increased communication problems and unexpected problems that coincide with Mercury retrograde. Use this time as a reminder to slow down and be mindful in your interactions.

Full moon

The full moon is often associated with strange behavior and events. Sophia Rose, owner of Wisdom of Mind, explains that the Moon’s gravity impacts tides and water on Earth, and since our bodies are mostly made of water, it makes sense that the full moon has subtle effects on humans. Over the years, she has noticed that full moons often coincide with vivid dreams, trouble sleeping, and chaotic days. A 2011 study even found that more than 40% of medical personnel believe that lunar phases impact human behavior.

Walk under a ladder

Walking under a ladder is considered bad luck in many cultures. Tina Caro, an astrologer, explains that the scales can be unstable and it is possible not to notice if someone is on them, which can lead to accidents. To avoid this, make a wide circle around ladders whenever you come across one in your path.

Spilling oil

In Hindu astrology, spilling oil on the ground is considered inauspicious and may result in financial damage or unforeseen expenses. Liz Roby explains that this presents a risk of slipping and injury, in addition to the difficulty of cleaning up spilled oil. To make cleanup easier, throw a little salt or baking soda on the spill.

Superstitions are often considered irrational popular beliefs. However, some astrologers argue that some superstitions may well have merit. So, even if you don’t really believe in their power, you shouldn’t necessarily ignore them completely. After all, a little extra caution surely doesn’t hurt.