Astrology Alert: Discover Virgo’s Arch-Nemesis in Love and Compatibility!

Every day, the stars influence our lives. This is also where we get the predictions for the 2023 horoscope. Dear Virgo natives, this article is intended for you!

Affinities between zodiac signs can change with the seasons. This coming year, find out who will be this earth sign’s worst enemy!

Horoscope 2023: What does the year have in store for Virgos?

The coming year looks promising for many signs. This is particularly the case in the horoscope sign of Virgo who will be rewarded for his hard work. Indeed, this sign in astrology has always had the reputation of working like a madman. He is also a true king of organization who does not hide. And all this can only pay off if we are to believe the 2023 horoscope!

If Virgo natives have a project in mind, this new year will bring luck for the realization of these. This zodiac sign has always known how to put all the assets on its side in order to ensure its work. An attitude which can also be very beneficial to him in the professional field. But we can’t always say the same about all aspects of our life!

If his calm and his desire for control are considerable assets in the world of work, this can pose a problem in his social life. Indeed, the 2023 horoscope predicts some tumults in Virgo’s sentimental domain. But who doesn’t know about it during the year you tell us? Well know that it’s all a question of compatibility!

Indeed, the 2023 horoscope predicts affinities between Virgo and certain other astrological signs. But not all of them will be suitable for it. A particular sign will be considered the worst enemy of that zodiac sign. Who is he ? We’ll give you the answer below!

Here is the least compatible sign with Virgo!

Compatibility questions mainly depend on the characters of the zodiac sign. Be aware, however, that natives of the Earth sign are not often compatible with those of the Air element. It is the same for the natives of Water and Fire. For its part, Virgo may have difficulty interacting with two signs of the zodiac if the 2023 horoscope is to be believed.

We first mention Sagittarius who can easily have tensions with Virgo. According to the 2023 horoscope, this Fire sign can have a character that stifles that of others. Mutual understanding is lacking in these signs. Enough to create tensions between them. And it’s not uncommon that these two signs can’t stay together for long.

But Sagittarius is not the only sign that is not very compatible with Virgo. If the 2023 horoscope is to be believed, he is also very uncomfortable alongside Aquarius. This air sign can be too volatile compared to the Earth sign. And his aerial side will not be easy for Virgo to manage. It must be said that their character is the opposite of each other.

If there is a risk in the association of these two signs of Fire and Air opposite Virgo, it is their lack of stability. As the 2023 horoscope indicates, this zodiac sign will be particularly organized this year. He will therefore not be able to adapt to the many changes that others can cause him. His need for stability will outweigh his love of companionship. Unless we are prepared to find common ground between the two parties, the compatibility between these signs will be compromised.

Horoscope 2023: Pay attention to Virgo’s temperament!

We have already said it several times: Virgo is a fairly calm sign. But this sign has a dual personality that you will need to pay particular attention to. Be aware in particular that this native has moments of great anger which can be difficult to manage.

In these phases it is best to let him calm down. Enough to not push him towards excessive behavior. He will thus regain his legendary restraint! In any case, the 2023 horoscope for Virgo only highlights good prospects. However, you will need to be patient and continue to work on your sense of organization as well as your calm. Real assets if the latter manages to channel his energy!