Cat : How to win their hearts and understand their emotional choices?

It is common to note that cats, these feline companions, demonstrate remarkable selectivity on an emotional level. They do not extend their trust and love to everyone equally. Have you ever wondered why certain individuals are more popular with our four-legged friends? Here are some clarifications on this unique behavior of cats.

The socialization phase: a determining moment

The interaction between a cat and a human being does not happen by chance. It is actually the result of a very specific process called the socialization phase. During this period, the cat will seek to interact with its environment, whether with humans or other animals. It is therefore essential to be present and attentive during this phase to win the affection of the feline.

If you hope to build a strong bond with your cat, it’s important to give them a “great first impression.” A simple daily presence will not be enough to make you his favorite, you must also establish positive and enriching interactions.

Other factors that influence cat preference

Although the socialization phase plays a crucial role in the relationship between a cat and a human being, other factors can also come into play. For example, cats who have suffered past trauma may have difficulty bonding. In these situations, it is essential to show them that they can trust you and that they are safe.

On the other hand, even if you provide them with food and spend time with them every day, this does not guarantee affection from the cats. In reality, they look for certain specific criteria in humans that go beyond just basic necessities.

Some signs that your cat likes you

  • When a cat lies down next to you without hesitation, it’s usually a sign of a strong bond between you and him.
  • Purring is also a positive sign. This indicates that the feline feels confident with you.

In short, each cat has its own criteria for choosing its favorite human. By paying attention to his behavior and respecting his socialization phase, you can increase your chances of being the “chosen one”.