Challenge your intelligence with this riddle that only 3% of participants answered correctly

If you want to measure your intelligence, you should try to answer this question about family relationships. Launched by “Playbuzz”, it was a great success. The riddle, which only 3% of participants answered correctly, went viral within hours.

Before you answer, you must think that you are a woman. The question is: “If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, what am I to Teresa?”

You have a total of six answer options:

  • His grandmother
  • His mother
  • Her daughter
  • His granddaughter
  • I am Teresa
  • I am not sure

To be able to answer, you need to think about the person asking the question. This suggestion only concerns the 3% of people who answered correctly the first time. You understood ?

Let’s see if you understand…

The correct answer is 3, meaning your daughter. If you chose 5, don’t worry, that’s what the majority (35%) found on the aforementioned portal, followed by “his grandmother” (19%).

To understand the solution, we must come to the conclusion that it is we who are asking the question: “my mother’s daughter is me”. Later we will come to the conclusion that since Teresa’s daughter is me, and I am the one asking the question, then I am her daughter.

We challenge you to solve ten more puzzles

If this riddle is not enough for you, or you failed and want to cheer yourself up, we offer ten more. The solutions are below.

  • What kind of parent is my mother’s sister’s son?
  • Who is your father’s son who is not your brother?
  • Charles was looking at a portrait and someone asked him: “Who does this photo belong to? He replied: “I have no brothers or sisters, but this man’s father is my father’s son.” Who owns the photo that Charles was looking at?
  • Who is my sister’s sister who is not my sister?
  • Thérèse, only child, is the mother of Albert and the daughter-in-law of Louise. If Xavier is Álvaro’s uncle, what is his relationship with Michel, Louise’s husband?
  • I have six children. How many children do I have?
  • Each of the three brothers has a sister, how many are there between them?
  • Anna and Thérèse are sisters. Anna has two nieces who are not Thérèse’s nieces. How is it possible ?
  • I have an aunt and my aunt has a sister who is not my aunt. How is it possible ?
  • Stephen has as many brothers as sisters. However, her sister Rachel has twice as many brothers as sisters. How many boys and girls are there in this family?

Correct answers:

  • Cousin.
  • YOU.
  • Your son’s.
  • Me.
  • Xavier is Michel’s son.
  • Seven children (six boys and one girl).
  • Four.
  • Because Anna’s nieces are precisely Thérèse’s daughters.
  • It is my mother.
  • Four boys and three girls.