Citroën Makes a Strong Statement with the My Ami Pop, Combining Sportiness and Electric Power!

Citroën, the renowned French automobile brand, has unveiled a new version of its iconic model, the Ami. Named My Ami Pop, this sporty variant stands out thanks to its modern and dynamic design as well as its numerous innovative features.

A Cheerful and Sporty Exterior Design

The My Ami Pop maintains all the exterior style elements that contributed to the success of the Ami. This includes the 4 wheel trims, front and rear bumper guards, rear spoiler, as well as 2 quarter panel stickers and 2 stickers on the lower part of the doors. The main novelty lies in the introduction of Infrared red as the primary color, replacing the previously used orange. This distinctive color is a nod to Citroën’s range.

The new My Ami Pop also sets itself apart with an exterior aspect that’s more easily identifiable. New headlight trims join the black band with chevrons under the windshield and black bumper guard, characteristics of the Pop version. This new front face, very graphic and structured, gives My Ami Pop a strong and determined look.

Distinctive Graphic Elements

My Ami Pop incorporates new graphic elements to express a fresher and more distinctive aspect. The door sticker, an important element of this version, gains in character and impact. On the outside, number 2 that was already present on My Ami Pop is retained; it’s a nod to Ami’s uniqueness in approaching mobility differently. The number 2 also decreases in size to make room for a stylized circle and triangle – two simple graphic forms inspired by gamers’ digital world.

On the side, the three lines are replaced by a new decorative element, the circle. Treated in two halves, one solid and the other in lattice, it reinforces the graphic style of the new My Ami Pop by reinforcing the car’s round shapes and headlights. This echoes the circle placed at the bottom of the doors.

Increased Ergonomics

As a novelty, My Ami Pop features a drive selector on the central console for increased ergonomics. All functions are more visible and easier to select. This includes the USB port, ventilation control, hazard indicator and heating/defrosting controls, as well as RND buttons. The drive selector on the central console will also be available on all versions of Ami in the first quarter of 2024.

Innovative Features Inside

Inside, users will find all standard features that make everyday life easier. Additionally, it includes a series of functional accessories such as:

  • A mobile phone holder
  • Door nets
  • A central separation net
  • A Dat@mi connectivity box that allows connecting the smartphone to Ami to access all information about available autonomy, mileage and maintenance alerts

In terms of multimedia, My Ami Pop has My Ami Play interface which transforms the phone into a dashboard with quick access to navigation, music, radio and phone calls. These functions are controlled remotely with Citroën Switch button placed on steering wheel enabling users to keep their eyes on the road for safe driving.