Clean your windows like magic with a kitchen product! Discover the secret of the trick!

Cleaning the windows of your home can sometimes be a complex task. However, lifestyle and cleaning tips influencer Karen Shields recently shared an ingenious method on TikTok for achieving spotless windows using just a few common ingredients one usually already has in their pantry.

Karen Shields’ method is simple and economical. It consists of mixing 2/3 water with 1/3 white vinegar in a diffuser bottle. Then, simply spray the mixture generously onto the windows, making sure to cover the entire surface. For drying, Shields recommends using a squeegee and newspaper.

This method has several advantages. First of all, it saves time and money by using simple ingredients that you already have at home. Next, the mixture of water and white vinegar is very effective in removing the most stubborn stains, such as rain marks, fingerprints and grease. In addition, by using a squeegee and newspaper, you obtain impeccable and long-lasting results.

Before discovering this method, Karen Shields cleaned her windows using a spray window cleaner and a paper towel. Although it worked, she had to repeat the procedure several times to achieve the desired effects, wasting a lot of time. This is why she is so enthusiastic about her new method, because it is much more effective and faster.

Karen Shields’ video went viral on TikTok, attracting the attention of many people looking for easy, cost-effective ways to clean their windows. TikTok users have also shared their own window cleaning tips and tricks, creating a community of cleanliness and order enthusiasts.

In conclusion, cleaning windows can be a challenge, but thanks to Karen Shields’ method, it is now much easier and more economical. By simply using water, white vinegar, a squeegee and newspaper, you can obtain impeccable and durable windows. So, don’t hesitate to try this method and share your own tips for effective window cleaning.