Discover effective beauty tips to waste less time in the bathroom!

Spending hours in the bathroom every morning has become almost like a ritual for all women. For them, looking beautiful and dapper every day requires a lot of effort and time.

However, with the current rate of change in the world where everything is designed to make things easier for men, such a mentality must no longer be appropriate. Discover some effective beauty tips to save time in the bathroom.

1 – Subtly prepare the ground the day before

To optimize your time in the morning, it is best to go to the bathroom with well-groomed and well-groomed skin. So this requires a little effort to do the night before. To do this, simply remove your makeup carefully and then apply a laser treatment. It is important to do this the night before, because the skin is better able to regenerate overnight.

2 – the double action base, a safe tip

The base is ideal for allowing makeup to last all day. It is more recommended to opt for formulas that also contain moisturizing ingredients. Effective for skipping the day cream, when the skin is not too dry.

3 – misting, favorable for hydration

This step consists of spraying a mist enriched with moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or apple water over the entire face. It is only done in five seconds.

Indeed, when your skin shows signs of fatigue, it would be best for you to choose a mist with apricot pulp. You can also take it with lemon savory to protect the skin against urban pollution.

4 – Draw eyebrows well and do makeup in order

The mascaras feature colorful formulas that allow them to shape, sculpt and intensify the brow just on the first swipe.

In addition to this, to apply makeup in order, you should always start by emphasizing and intensifying your eyes. Then you can easily even out and powder the complexion. Ideal as a tip, because it will save you from having to start everything again if you slip with your cayon. Or if pigments fall on dark circles.

5 – Camouflage your roots, very effective

To make the white roots disappear until the next shampoo, it is more optimal to opt for special mascara or colored spray. The product is applied to dry hair, once shaped. Mascara will also help you structure your eyes.

6 – Invest in microfiber and effectively patch imperfections

The microfiber towel allows you to save 15 minutes on your blow-drying. Ideal, because in this case it absorbs a maximum amount of water for your greater good.

Aside from that, when a rodent appears to appear on your face, it is important to quickly soak it with a salicylic acid patch. You keep it on you all night. In the morning, the imperfection will have completely disappeared.

7 – Dry the varnish with a spray, for a remarkable time saving

At this level, when you finish applying the lacquer, you should spread your fingers and then spray about 15 cm from the nails. Well after that, you have the opportunity to use your hands again, two minutes later.