Losing weight

Discover How to Slim Down While Sitting at Your Desk!

Many people spend 7 hours (or more) a day in a chair. We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the factors that makes us gain weight. You probably think that you are unable to have the body of your dreams because of your job.

However, know that weight loss is entirely possible, even if you have a sedentary job. In fact, with the right technique you can expend a lot of energy, even while sitting!

Weight loss: is it possible for people who sit a lot!

If you sit all day, your body doesn’t expend a lot of energy. The feeling of fatigue you feel is mainly mental when you leave your office. Indeed, when you work in an office, you generally don’t do much physically. This condition is far from ideal for those looking to lose weight!

A sedentary lifestyle makes you gain weight, this is an undeniable fact. When it is accompanied by a rich and unhealthy diet, it is even worse. You will have understood, you must act if you are looking for weight loss. Sitting in your office for 8 hours a day can make you gain a few pounds. To remedy this, some people take the opportunity to do a little sport during the weekend!

However, not everyone has time to do intense physical activities during the weekend. Many people have busy schedules, even outside of work. It would be nice if there was a trick that would help you lose weight, even for people who don’t have much time. Know that it exists and what’s more, it’s an activity that you can do while sitting!

“Refine your body, even if you sit all day” may sound incredible to hear. However, some experts have conducted a study on this and it is totally possible. The principle is based on the stimulation of a muscle which will double fat metabolism. So let’s talk about this miraculous technique that allows you to lose weight easily!

The “soleus pushup” yes SPU: An incredible exercise!

The “soleus pushup”, that’s what the exercise is called that allows you to lose weight, even if you often sit. Its principle is simple, it activates the soleus muscle. The latter which is, let us point out, one of the essential muscles for daily physical activities. In other words, it works a lot when you walk, run, dance, etc.

To satisfy your curiosity, we are going to tell you a little about the soleus muscle in general. Know that it is located at the back of the leg and represents approximately 1% of body weight. Experts have conducted studies and determined that if stimulated properly, it will lead to weight loss. But then, how can you lose weight using this muscle?

The “soleus pushup” is not complicated, you can do it at any time. When you are seated, place your feet flat on the floor. Once this is done, then lift your heels. For clarification, your toes should not move when lifting. At some point your heel will reach its maximum movement. When this happens, gently release your foot and step back up. This will have an influence on your metabolism and will allow weight loss!

Thanks to the “Soleus pushup”, the soleus muscles will expend a lot of energy. We can say that it is a simple and effective exercise for good weight loss. You therefore have the opportunity to do “physical activity”, even if you are sitting. Perform this exercise when you are at the office and you will quickly see the effects!

Weight loss: a simple exercise that can make a difference!

With the soleus pushup, you will feel like you have walked a certain distance. However, you didn’t leave your office, interesting isn’t it? This exercise is particularly practical for those who do not have much time for physical activities. If you have a job that requires you to sit all day, try this exercise!

So, we can clearly say that even lack of time cannot stop you. Indeed, you can still practice physical activity even if you still have to sit for a long time. In addition, it is an exercise that allows you to expend a lot of energy. So, for weight loss, try the “soleus pushup”!