Discover the ideal color to enlarge and enhance your eyes for the start of the school year!

Discover the ideal color to enlarge and enhance your eyes for the start of the school year!

For a long time, we have always thought that there is nothing better than the pencil to enlarge the look. But lately, a professional has found another color.

Moreover, the latter seems to be even more effective than white. What is it about ? This is what we will reveal to you in this article!

Makeup: A new trick is very famous on social networks!

To have confidence, you must take the time to prepare well before going out. Besides the outfits that need to be carefully checked, there is also the beauty routine. Among the latter, we can well talk about makeup. A task that does not always appear easy. Indeed, the facial area is very important and you have to be very careful when touching it.

When we do makeup, the objective is above all to enhance the area around the eyes. To do this, you need to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Most of the time, we need to use makeup when we want to make our eyes look bigger. Indeed, it can happen that the eyes are tired after too much drinking in the evening or too short a night.

Therefore, make-up is necessary to enlarge the eyes. Furthermore, you need to find a good method to achieve this. For this, there are tips that makeup professionals share on social networks. Speaking of which, white or cream pencil remains the most used. The latter are renowned for their effectiveness in enhancing the look.

In addition, a new trick to enlarge the eyes has just seen the light of day on social networks. It was make-up artist Kevin Kodra who shared this method on his TikTok account. For information, this make-up specialist is followed by more than 631,000 people. You have to believe that his many tips have already helped many people.

This new tip will enhance your look!

If you’re used to using white pencils for your makeup, it’s probably time for a change. According to makeup artist Kevin Kodra, another color is very effective in widening the eyes. In fact, it is light pink. This may seem new to you but you have to believe that it works. Besides, the results may surprise you.

Makeup artist Kevin Kodra disagrees that white pencil is perfect for makeup. As he stated: “Personally I don’t find that white pencil is flattering on the eyes.” Which he then continued with: “I much prefer pink”. In her video, the makeup artist unveiled the best way to use the pink pencil.

We can definitely say that using pink pencil is within everyone’s reach. In other words, you no longer need the help of a makeup professional to do it. In fact, this consists of applying the pink pencil along the lower eyelashes. Most importantly, don’t forget to put it directly on the mucous membrane.

That done, it’s time to see the result of the makeup. You will see, it is simply incredible. Indeed, your eyes will look bigger right after. In addition to this, your look will be rested and rejuvenated at the same time. For the finish, just apply a little mascara. In short, it will not take you a long time to achieve it.

Makeup: An incredible result!

If you want to try this new makeup trick, don’t hesitate. One thing is for sure, you will love the result. Indeed, your look will be sublime just after a few strokes of pink pencil. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to put aside your white pencil. Just use the one that suits you best.

Moreover, everyone has their own preference when it comes to makeup. The goal remains to have bigger eyes and a sublime gaze. To have a satisfactory result, it is always possible eyeliners. Despite this, you have to take the time to choose the right product. Indeed, some are more effective than others. On top of that, there are products that can destroy your face.