Spaghetti pasta cooking in a pot

Discover the incredible virtues of pasta cooking water as a beauty product!

Yes, you read that right, Joehovasmf’s editors are going to reveal a rather amazing trick. The cooking water that you put in the pan to make pasta can become an ingredient for your beauty care. How can it be used? We will tell you everything!

After reading this topic, you won’t cook pasta in the same way. You’ll care differently about the cooking water that many people throw away. Thus, you will realize that this water can be really useful for its beauty virtues.

The multiple uses of cooking water: foot bath, watering plants …

And what is really interesting is that this cooking water can be used in different ways. Indeed, it is up to you to see which way will be the most useful. So, it can be used to make the sauce of your dish but also to water the plants. But there are many other uses.

For example, you can use it to make a foot bath. Perfect after a tiring day at work. This footbath will help you relax in just a few moments if you are exhausted. The foot bath with pasta water is a very good relaxant and is really effective thanks to the minerals it contains. Also, you can use the pasta water as a fertilizer.

The main advantage is that this totally natural product is almost free. It is a very ecological use. To get the best effect, use the water when it is about warm. It is also a good way to get rid of very cumbersome weeds.

Cooking water: an ideal beauty product

Cooking water has not yet revealed all its secrets. It is important to know that pasta water can be used for your hair, as a treatment. Especially if you are a woman who wants to make your hair much softer. But then, how to proceed?

Well, after cooking the pasta, you have to let the cooking water cool down a bit. Then, nothing could be simpler, wash your hair with this water which has unsuspected virtues! Wait several minutes, the time that the water makes its effect before rinsing your hair. This is a great trick to keep your hair smooth and shiny. Note that you must continue to use your usual products.

So, you understood it well, you should not throw away the water of cooking pasta, it can be used in a really original way. Note also that it will allow you to save money. Indeed, with the health crisis, the household budget has really been squeezed. All the Objeko team regularly reveals you good plans.

Other very interesting virtues

Pasta cooking water, when salted, is effective as a natural weed killer. Just put it still boiling on the weeds that litter your driveway or your green space, taking care not to put it on your flowers and plants.

The weeds will be magically destroyed after several days. Boiling water causes a thermal shock that destroys plant cells, while salt sterilizes the soil and destroys organisms that harm plants.

Pasta water is perfect to bind a sauce without putting cream, oil or fat, thanks to the starch it contains. In the case of tomato sauce, it will thicken it. In pesto, it will allow to lengthen it. To do this, simply add the pasta water at the end of cooking.

Pasta water, an effective cleaner

It is also important to know that pasta water is useful for washing dishes or for cleaning and stain removal from sinks, tiles but also from clothes. This liquid contains starch, we have already had the opportunity to talk about it. It therefore contains detergent properties. It is thus ideal to remove persistent stains. However, for it to be totally effective, it must still be boiling.

There are many sites that list little tips of this kind. Moreover, on YouTube, many Internet users offer beauty tips and tricks to spend less money. Many are also looking for discounts because budgets are tight.