Discover the secret to losing weight in just five minutes, with just a towel

The Japanese’s concern for leading a healthy lifestyle and avoiding overweight and obesity is well known. Fukutsudzi says that if the pelvis is not positioned correctly, a free space is created where fat can accumulate around the waist.

The abdominal muscles relax, the area remains relaxed and the fat is released. The chiropractor suggests correcting the position of the pelvis by forcing the stomach to tone and exercising so that the muscle development moves and breaks down fat, eliminating it from the body.

In the case of the accumulation of abdominal fat, various studies have shown that it depends not only on a balanced diet and physical exercise, but also on body posture.

In this sense, a Japanese chiropractor specialized in the treatment of problems of the pelvic bones and spine has developed a method that revolutionizes and offers a solution to the fight against adiposity and accumulated abdominal fat.

This is Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi, a proponent of postural correction of the body, as a way to reduce abdominal fat and lose weight.

To follow her method, all you need is one towel and five minutes a day. Of course, the system must be accompanied by a varied and healthy diet and a little exercise.

Body posture

The “Health Japan 21” program has invested more than 8% of the GDP of the Japanese country, which has specific laws to contain the weight of its citizens.

Without going any further, in the workplace, adults between 40 and 75 years old are encouraged, both by the public health administration and by the company itself, to have their waist size measured annually. If the score is higher than the data suggested by the World Health Organization, help and exercise sessions are favored.

To carry out the method, we start from a lying position on a mat and with a rolled towel under the lower back, in the lumbar region, behind the navel.

It is necessary to find the most comfortable position, and from there stretch the arms and legs as much as possible, slightly spreading the legs and feet inward, trying to touch the big toes.

The arms, for their part, should be stretched as high as possible above the head, with the palms of the hands facing the ground.

The goal is to perform a full body stretch, at the same time breathing through your nose, without forcing. You must hold the position for five minutes.

The expert assures that the first time you perform the exercise you notice how tense the abdomen is, making it easier to position the area. Of course, the dynamic for this to work has to become routine.

This exercise, in addition to helping to reduce excess fat around the waist, also facilitates digestion and prevents problems such as feeling bloated and gas.

A towel and five minutes

Another method that has recently been added to the list of Japanese systems for taking care of health and well-being is known as the long-breathing diet, which could be translated as “long-breathing diet”.

Popularized by Japanese actor Miki Ryôsuke, it relies on breathing to “reshape” the body and refine it. The actor, looking for ways to relieve his back pain, tried breathing exercises. Thanks to them, her body became more defined. The famous man claims to have lost 13 kilos and 12 cm from his waist in 6 weeks.

Its application is very simple: simply alternate the inspiration phase (3 seconds) with the expiration phase (7 seconds), for 3 to 5 minutes per day. Why can it help you lose weight? When we breathe, we inhale oxygen, which helps burn fat in the body.