Discover the Strength of Rosemary: Unveiling the Impact of Carrying This Herb in Your Purse

The Power of Rosemary: What Happens When You Carry This Herb in Your Purse?

Rosemary is a plant well-known for its numerous health benefits. Not only that, but it has also been used for a long time to ward off negative energies from homes. As the new year approaches on December 31st, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the benefits of rosemary to cleanse energies and bring abundance into your home.

Rosemary possesses multiple properties that make it a powerful herb, one of them being its ability to attract money and abundance into your life. If you are interested in knowing how to fill your wallet, follow this simple ritual.

Ritual to Multiply Your Money and Attract Abundance

To perform this rosemary ritual, you will need a few ingredients and materials that you probably already have at home. Keep in mind that the intention behind the ritual is what truly makes it work.

– 3 branches of rosemary
– Incense
– Half a cup of lentils
– 7 coins of varying value
– Glass jar
– Green candle

Step 1: Light the green candle with matches and use it to light the incense. Place the 7 coins at the bottom of the jar and add the lentils, ensuring that all the coins are covered.

Step 2: Add the three branches of rosemary while saying, “May the universe multiply my money and bring me the abundance I need.”

Step 3: Close the jar and visualize money flowing into your hands. Focus all your energy on positive thoughts of abundance.

Step 4: Place the jar under your bed and, after 7 days, add three fresh sprigs of rosemary while repeating the words one last time.

In addition to this ritual, there are other ways to attract abundance using rosemary:

1. Rosemary infusion: Prepare a rosemary infusion by steeping it in hot water. Use this infusion to cleanse all the rooms and corridors of your house, eliminating negative energies.

2. Use a bag of dried rosemary: Fill a small bag with dried rosemary branches and place it in a corner of your house to dispel negative vibes.

3. Rosemary candles: Light rosemary candles in different corners of your home to purify the air and ward off negative energies.

4. Rosemary oil: Add a few drops of rosemary oil to a diffuser and place it in a visible location in your home. This will spread and enhance positive vibrations throughout the house.

5. Rosemary incense: Burn rosemary incense in areas where you wish to purify and attract abundance.

6. Rosemary plant: Have a rosemary plant on your balcony or in your garden. Aside from its magical properties, rosemary also has expectorant qualities, making it useful for flu cases.

Rosemary can be the magical element you need to ward off negative energies and start the new year with positive vibrations. Find a place where you feel protected and can concentrate peacefully while performing the ritual. Remember to let the rosemary incense burn until it extinguishes on its own.

This magical herb, rosemary, has properties that can help you multiply your money and attract abundance and wealth into your life. Don’t forget to pray fervently to the Universe and visualize the end of debts and the arrival of money. Good luck!