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Discover the trendy makeup looks that are the most interesting this fall!

What’s better than having a glowing, well-made-up face when you go to the office? If we talk about makeup in general, it must be said that the choice is wide.

On the other hand, there are particularly interesting makeup styles currently. In our article, we are going to take a quick look at the trendy makeup that you should try!

Trendy makeup: Simple styles that make you look beautiful!

A makeup style perfect for the fall season is currently all the rage on the social network TikTok. This is “Latte makeup” and it is certainly one of the best trendy makeups. Its principle is mainly based on the accentuation of warm and neutral tones. It allows you to have an attractive face accompanied by a piercing gaze, while maintaining a certain natural side!

It must be admitted that the name “Latte makeup” says a lot about it. It was named because it strongly reminds us of the colors of a latte. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it is undoubtedly one of the easiest trendy makeup looks to achieve. Opt for beige, gold and brown eyeshadows. This will allow you to give a result with a warm appearance! Start with brown eyeshadow to keep the natural look.

For mobile eyelids, apply a light shade and for hollows, opt for a dark shade. When it comes to blush, we advise you to play with a little discretion. Choose a pink or peach tone, depending on your skin color. But there are other things that make “Latte make-up” interesting compared to other trendy makeup!

In order to have a perfect result with “Latte makeup”, use mascara. The latter will make your look even more attractive than it already is. For your lips, opt for a pink or brown gloss and you will look stunning. “Latte makeup” is very interesting, but there are other trendy makeup styles that are just as relevant!

A makeup based on pink, but far from childish!

The movie “Barbie” was released in July, but its influence is still very present, even today. As proof, the “Barbiecore” look continues to gain popularity. Are you not too keen on the idea of ​​wearing makeup with bright colors for fear of it being too childish?

You should immediately change your mind because this is one of the most popular makeup trends! The term “Barbiecore” has been around for a few years, but it’s even more popular these days. The fall 2023 version of this look is obviously inspired by Margot Robbie’s makeup. Everyone agrees that among the many trendy makeup looks, this one is the flashiest!

Indeed, with this makeup, you should not hesitate at all with pastel colors. Bright colors and shiny finishes will give you an ultra-feminine look. To follow the “Barbiecore” trend, use a shimmery eyeshadow. You can opt for pink, but also pastel, as long as it attracts attention, it’s fine. If you were hoping to find a statement look in this list of trendy makeup looks, this one is for you!

We’ve only talked about eyeshadow, what about other elements for a “Barbiecore” look? As for blush for this style of makeup, opt for pink (obviously) or a peach color. As for the lips, don’t hesitate to go for pink or even bright red. But if all this is a little too extravagant for you, know that our list of trendy makeup doesn’t stop there!

Trendy makeup: An autumn that doesn’t lack style!

Chrome eyeshadow is in our list of trendy makeup looks. This particularly elegant makeup style is perfect for many occasions. This brilliant style borders on extravagant and simple. Indeed, there is nothing really flashy about it, but it is also far from being simplistic!

The best thing about chrome eyeshadow is that there is a wide variety of possible colors. Each color can give a different effect, but one thing is certain, you will look stunning. Now you know some very interesting trendy makeup looks. It’s time for you to go buy some products and test out your new look!