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Discover these 6 decorative DIYs to make cables and electrical devices invisible!

You may be tired of seeing those electrical wires lying around everywhere. Indeed, household appliances as well as these cables can spoil your decoration. Fortunately, there are simple and creative solutions to hide them or integrate them with style.

It is with the help of DIY, or Do It Yourself, which allows you to create personalized decorative objects yourself. You will be able to make your creations at a lower cost and with few materials. In this article, we offer you 6 DIY decoration ideas to hide cables and unsightly household appliances. Follow the leader !

A laundry room mirror and a DIY trompe-l’oeil box

If you are not lucky enough to have a room dedicated to the laundry room, you can create a discreet corner. You can place it in a hallway or entryway, using a DIY mirror as a secret door. Simply attach hinges to the side of the mirror. You can open it to access your washing machine and dryer, built into the wall.

You can also add shelves to store your cleaning products. This way, you save space and avoid seeing your washing machines every day. It’s an ingenious DIY idea that we spotted on the Instagram account @dreamloftstudios.

To hide your electrical cables, your chargers or your power strip, you can use a DIY cardboard box. You can cover it with old book covers. Simply cut the covers to the size of the box and stick them on with glue. You can then drill a hole in the box to pass the wires through.

You get a DIY trompe-l’oeil box that looks like a stack of vintage books. You can place it on a shelf or table, without anyone suspecting what it contains. A fun tip that we found on the site

A frame television and a cache-box planter

If you find that your television is too imposing in your living room, you can transform it into a decorative element. In fact, it is possible to pass it off as a frame using a DIY trick. There are televisions designed specifically for this purpose, such as the Samsung The Frame, which displays artwork.

But you can also make your own DIY TV frame, using wood or metal to create an outline. You can then choose the image you want to display on your screen when you are not watching TV. For example, opt for a family photo, a landscape or an inspiring quote.

If you have a green thumb, you can take advantage of your internet box to install a small planter. Simply cover your box with a DIY wooden or plastic box. Drill holes to allow air and cables to pass through.

You can then plant succulents or succulents there. The advantage is that they require little maintenance and bring a touch of greenery to your interior. You can also decorate your box with paint or stickers, as you wish. An original DIY idea that we discovered on the website.

A camouflaged electric meter and customized DIY electric cables

Your electricity meter is often located in a place like the entrance or hallway, which is not very aesthetic. To camouflage it, you can use a frame or canvas, which you attach with magnets to the counter. You can also choose a pattern that matches your decoration. It is also possible to create your own DIY work with painting or collage.

If you can’t hide your electrical cables, you can at least make them prettier. In fact, using DIY tips, you can customize them with masking tape. Masking tape is a decorative adhesive tape, which exists in many patterns and colors. You can wrap the masking tape around your cables, alternating the strips or creating geometric patterns. This way, you can personalize your electrical cables and harmonize them with your decoration.