Discover this pencil which is considered the perfect tool for hiding dark circles!

Discover this pencil which is considered the perfect tool for hiding dark circles!

There are tons of concealer products in stores, but they are not always effective. There are types of dark circles that are particularly difficult to camouflage, notably hollow dark circles.

Is there an effective way that would make it easy to hide them? The answer is yes, this beige pencil is what you need for that!

Hollow dark circles: Why do you have them?

You have to know your enemy, so it’s best to start by talking about dark circles in general. First, know that they are part of the natural aging process. So when the years pass, the chances of you having it are quite high. Fortunately, it is quite possible to get rid of them, or at least hide them!

Your skin becomes thinner with age, so hollow dark circles become more and more visible over time. They are particularly disturbing and immediately make our face look old and tired. In addition, unlike other types of dark circles, they are particularly difficult to camouflage!

Everyone agrees that mitigating them is a major challenge. You can get rid of your dark circles, but it’s far from an easy task. There are people who have used many products in an attempt to get rid of it, but alas. If you do some research on the internet, you will see that hyaluronic acid injection is the most popular solution!

However, it is not for everyone to have a hyaluronic acid injection. Surgery is also one of the most famous effective methods to get rid of dark circles. But again, it’s expensive, so many people never consider this alternative. The simplest and most accessible solution is to use makeup products, more precisely a beige pencil!

Beige pencil: The best solution for perfect camouflage!

If it’s particularly difficult to get rid of dark circles, you might as well camouflage them with makeup. The techniques are numerous, but many professionals recommend the use of beige pencil. The latter will allow you to correct the shadows with precision and the result is amazing. Indeed, you will have a face with a fresh and less tired appearance if you use it in the right way!

The beige pencil is in the field of makeup to enlarge the eyes. Please note, however, that it is only used on the lower eyelids. In fact, you can use it on the rest of the skin on your face. If you use it to correct shadows, you can hide dark circles easily. But then, how can you use this pencil successfully?

You must first carefully analyze and identify the hollows as well as the colored areas. Once these places have been well identified and the shadow located, apply your lightest pencil to them. The latter will allow visual flattening. You must then tap with your fingers, in order to give a better result. To get rid of dark circles, don’t forget to also treat the high inner corner which is often neglected!

Once all this is done, you will now use a darker beige pencil. The latter will allow you to correct any redness that may be particularly visible. If there is any redness below the inner corner of the eye, correct that as well. After that you need to tap again in order to get a better result. With these few steps, you will immediately notice that dark circles are less visible!

Dark circles: Getting rid of them is not so difficult with the right technique!

You will understand, there is nothing better than makeup to say goodbye to dark circles. Getting rid of it is indeed possible, but it is not within everyone’s reach. There are also skin care products, but they often do not bring satisfactory results against this type of dark circles!

Using the beige pencil to hide your dark circles is both simple and effective. In addition, this method is recommended by many professionals in the makeup field. Thanks to beige pencils, you can temporarily get rid of these particularly unsightly signs of fatigue!