Do you have memory lapses and forget things? Here are the tips to improve your memory

With time and age, our memory weakens and begins to fail. This is a normal part of aging. Not remembering where you put your keys or glasses, or not remembering information as quickly as before, are very common signs of a mild memory problem.

Cognitive decline is therefore a symptom of brain dysfunction and one of the main reasons for medical consultation, particularly among older people. In fact, one study indicates that between 15 and 20% of adults over 60 visit their GP due to age-related memory problems.

However, all is not lost and there are ways to develop, improve and strengthen memory. By putting these simple tips into practice, you can keep your brain agile and avoid memory lapses and forgetfulness. For example, and although it seems obvious, sleeping eight hours a night helps to fix learning in memory.

Good diet and exercise

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle by engaging in physical exercise promotes blood circulation in the body and brain, thereby improving cognitive responses. In addition, a good diet is essential. To maintain good memory, you should favor products rich in omega-3 fatty acids and foods such as eggs and nuts. On the other hand, added sugars and fried foods should be avoided.

Among the most effective methods, memory games for adults help maintain concentration and memorize terms or numbers. These could be crosswords, word searches, chess games or puzzles. All of these options are good for exercising memory.

Memory games help maintain concentration and memorize terms.

Likewise, the use of mnemonic rules, that is to say mental associations making it easier to remember something, facilitates the memorization of data and the proper functioning of the memory and the brain. Putting life into perspective and simplifying life also has a positive impact on memory, as does being socially active, because it reduces stress and anxiety, two of the causes of memory lapses.