Does alcohol make us see others as more beautiful? A study looked into the question

It’s a classic: blaming alcoholic scents for the encounter with an orca during a rough night in a seedy nightclub.

More than one of us regrets it the next day, claiming that it was the lights of the place or the spirits that made us see beauty where there was none. Nightclub lights can still be bought, but alcohol unfortunately isn’t: New research indicates that drinking makes us more likely to get closer to people we once considered attractive, but who It doesn’t make other people look better.

Although, as we said, it is widely accepted that the effects of alcohol make us less selective when searching for potential prey, this phenomenon has not been studied systematically until now. In previous research, participants simply rated others’ attractiveness when they were sober and drunk, based on photographs.

The research was conducted in a laboratory setting, where 18 pairs of friends (all men) in their 20s were asked to rate the attractiveness of certain people they had seen in photographs and videos.

But the new study, published in the Journal of Studies and Alcohol, added a more realistic element: the possibility of meeting the people whose attractiveness was to be evaluated. To do this, the lead researcher (Molly A. Bowdring of Stanford) brought 18 pairs of friends (all men) aged around 20 into the laboratory to rate the attractiveness of certain people they they had seen in photographs and videos.

They were also told that they might have the opportunity to interact with some of these people in a future experiment, and that after rating them, they had to choose which ones they preferred to interact with. They had to enter the laboratory twice: the first time, they were given alcohol until they had a blood alcohol level of 0.08%, which is the legal limit for driving to the UNITED STATES. The second time, they were not given alcohol. After testing, they concluded that there was no effect on how they viewed others.

Ultimately, the conclusion is that alcohol does not change perception, but rather builds confidence.

Although alcohol consumption helped increase the likelihood that men would want to interact with other people they find attractive. Ultimately, the conclusion is that alcohol does not alter perception, but does build confidence in interactions, giving men the courage, in liquid form, to approach the people they find most attractive. Something they would otherwise be less likely to do.

“People who drink alcohol might benefit from recognizing that the social motivations and intentions they hold change when they drink, in ways that may be seductive in the short term, but may be harmful in the long run. term,” concluded Molly Bowdring. So it seems that the excuses are no longer valid. If you kissed someone one night and later regretted it, chances are you found that person attractive even before you got drunk.