Don’t know why your cat loves playing with your keyboard? Here is the answer !

You’re working at the computer and suddenly, “aaqurfsoaovmdvbfbfir”. The cat has settled back on the keyboard and its paws crushed on the keys speak for it in an impossible language.

There is no place in the house where you can find a good refuge, you say to yourself, what is wrong with the computer, why does it have this mania for you interrupt ? Hopefully your feline friend will let you read this without looking up from the screen, because we have the answer to so many mysteries.

Cat behavior is full of curiosities that don’t seem to make sense to the human mind. However, research has proven time and time again that these curiosities always have more meaning than they seem. Cats don’t do things by chance, and if they do, they know they’re doing them by chance. Their fondness for computers is more than just gimmicking about your job to get your attention.

While it’s true that no large-scale (and probably very impractical) scientific study has yet addressed this question, feline behavior experts have a key theory to explain what a cat like him does in such a place.

The smell, the smell…

We’re sorry to tell you that, at least, what seems clear is that this is not imitative behavior: your cat doesn’t see you writing and wants to join in the fun. According to animal psychology expert David Sands, cats don’t imitate typing easily. Try placing an old computer near him and you’ll see that he won’t be very interested.

So is it the heat of the device that is the cause? Apparently not. “Yes, laptops give off heat, and warm spaces attract cats. But you have to ask yourself why your cat doesn’t sit next to a radiator, for example,” suggests Sands in Science Focus.

What your cat really likes about your laptop is the smell – not the smell of the machine itself, but the smell that you regularly drop into it. “You can’t smell it, but a cat can smell your scent all over the keyboard.”

It is also likely that your cat wants to deposit its own scent on yours, for the sake of ownership and territoriality, of which it is perfectly aware.

It’s not news that cats are smelling machines, beyond dogs’ fame. Their world revolves around smell and their survival depends on it: their eyesight is developed for night hunting, a time when, for obvious reasons, they must rely on a sense other than sight… And there you have it.

This is not the only possible reason, but your cat is also more likely to want to deposit its own scent on yours. A question of property and territoriality, of course. “People always think that cats rubbing against you or things you touch are expressing love. In reality, they expect the opposite.”