Indie Artist Advice

I love running the site but I feel like I’m not helping artists reach their full potential by just posting their music. I think my purpose in life is to help people and that’s what I want to do with JHMF. I started doing “Indie Artist Advice” sporadically at the end of 2015 and decided to turn it into a bit this year. You’ll see plenty of topics addressed that should help the indie artist with marketing and creating their music.

Episode 1: Proper Email Etiquette

Episode 2: Support The People Supporting You 

Episode 3: Don’t Drop Music During Big Events

Episode 4/5: Using Twitter To Your Advantage

Episode 6: Stop Locking Your Social Media

Episode 7: Sending A Great Email

Episode 8: The Importance of PR

Episode 9: Frequency Of Releasing Music

Episode 10: Don’t Burn Bridges

Episode 11: Should You Pay For A Blog Post?

Episode 12: Balancing Self Promotion vs Content Curation

Episode 13: How To Make Great Connections

Episode 14: How To Pitch To Blogs

Episode 15: Using The Same Handle Across Social Media