Find out everything you need to know before adopting the bob cut this fall!

The bob cut is timeless and is renowned for its ability to always highlight the face. It’s not false ! On the other hand, be aware that this cut is available in a multitude of styles.

It is therefore important to choose it according to the shape of your face and the type of your hair. We have written this article to enlighten you a little more. We hope that at the end of your reading, you will be able to identify the cutting style that you need.

Bob cut: Which style to choose?

The bob cut evolves over time. In addition, the styles of this cut continue to diversify. It is therefore impossible to list them all. On the other hand, we have chosen for you the bobs that are likely to please you. Your choice will then depend on certain points to take into account.

Among the most popular is the plunging bob cut. It is characterized by the fact that the hair is longer at the front than at the back of your head. So we have the impression that the hair is dipping. Hence, the “Plongeant” in the name of this cut. Many people wore this style a few years ago. And even today, it is far from being out of fashion.

The plunging side of the square is perfect for adding an elegant touch to your style. You can also consider adopting a layered bob cut. Its main advantage? Balance your hairstyle. In addition, it is an excellent way to add volume to your hair. In addition, this cut requires very little maintenance. It then saves you frequent appointments with your hairdresser.

The length of a bob cut has a huge influence on the final result of your hairstyle. Some prefer to opt for a short cut while others opt for a mid-length cut. Are you still having trouble finding the style that makes you look good? Don’t worry, we will now reveal the avenues that can better guide you. See you in the paragraphs that follow.

Factors you should consider to make a good haircut choice

To begin, you need to take into consideration your hair type. Indeed, the ideal bob cut is not the same whether you have fine or thick hair. If you are one of those who have thick hair, a cut with lengths will suit you perfectly. A mid-length bob will reduce the thickness of your mane.

For people with fine hair, it is possible to add volume to their hair with a suitable cut. We recommend a layered bob cut. This will add texture to your mane. By adding a gradient to your cut, the volume obtained will be greater.

The shape of your face is also an important element in choosing your bob. An unsuitable cut can accentuate the shape of your face. If you have a square face, opt for layered or tapered cuts. This will soften your features.

For women with a slightly rounder face, a square cut with a well-defined shape is ideal. Therefore choose the plunging square to give a much more harmonious face. Those with an oval face are the luckiest. All types of bob cuts look great on them.

Square cut: Mistakes to avoid

First of all, for women with rounded faces, cuts that are too short should be avoided. Those with square faces should also be careful. A bob cut that is too straight is not ideal for these women. Indeed, too strict a cut to accentuate the angles of your pretty face. You will have understood, you need fantasy in your style.

In addition, be aware that bangs do not suit everyone or even all bob cut styles. Furthermore, even if the layered cut does not require much maintenance, a refresher session at the hairdresser is necessary every 6 weeks at least. This frequency depends on how quickly your hair grows. Now you know everything about the bob cut. All you have to do is adapt it.