Find out what your most adorable trait is according to your zodiac sign

Everyone has that one characteristic that sets them apart from others, whether it’s a hidden talent, personal style, or career path. But these attributes don’t necessarily reflect your personality.

That’s why we consulted professional astrologers to discover your most adorable trait, based on your zodiac sign. Keep reading to find out if others are attracted to you because of your optimistic attitude, caring nature, or another trait.

Aries: the protective spirit

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries feels the need to take on everyone’s burdens. They want to protect others from all possible difficulties, and that is why their most adorable trait is their protective spirit. “This is the kind of sign that will beat down your bully or defend you in a heartbeat,” says Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner of Stina Psychic. These fire signs know how to make you feel safe and secure, and they will have your back 100% of the time.

Taurus: comfort

Taurus is a sign that lives for stability and security, so it’s no wonder that they in turn bring comfort to those around them. They can easily soothe others with food, blankets, or healthy, relaxing vibes. Alice Smith, an astrologer at Alice Smith Astrology, says it may seem superficial, but Taurus understands the wisdom of tending to the immediate needs of the physical first. They’ll know exactly what you need before you do, and it’s easy to love them for it.

Gemini: fantasy

Geminis have a whimsical energy that makes their most adorable trait their ability to delight and entertain others. “People born under the sign of Gemini possess the ability to remind us that the world is an interesting place,” says Smith. Thanks to their endless curiosity, it’s likely that a Gemini will have the best recommendations when it comes to books to read or movies and TV shows to watch. They love to share things with others, so you will never be bored in their presence.

Cancer: emotional tenderness

These emotional water signs are all about family and love things that evoke nostalgia. Garbis says they would be the ones to save the ticket stub from a first date or have a safe place for their children’s lost teeth. “Cancers are so sweet and tender,” Garbis adds, which is why they will always do everything possible for the people they care about. And it’s hard not to love someone who wants to remember all the good times.

Leo: encouragement

Leos are fashionable people at heart. Even though they love being in the spotlight, they will never say no to cheering on their friends or loved ones. “They encourage us to chase our dreams and they will shout our names at the finish line,” Smith says. Garbis adds that they will also speak well of you to others. Their positive energy is contagious and you can’t help but love them because they are always by your side.

Virgo: altruism

Virgos are devoted to others, whether they are close to them or just meeting for the first time. “They are always willing to lend a hand and can often anticipate our needs without being asked,” says Smith. These earth signs can give and give, but Smith says what’s really adorable about them is how much they appreciate it when others return the favor. You will never find an ungrateful Virgo, that’s for sure.

Libra: the sense of style

Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so you know they have a sense of style. “If you want to know which outfit looks best, text your options to a Libra, and she won’t cheat on you,” says Garbis. Even though their advice may sometimes be unsolicited, you have no choice but to love them because they want to bring out your greatest self-confidence, which is really what lies behind their suggestions.

Scorpio: discretion

“When you’ve done something you’re not proud of, you can confess your secrets to a Scorpio friend without fear of condemnation,” Smith told Best Life. These water signs know how to keep things close to their chest. They won’t use anything you tell them against you (unless you harm them, of course) and they want you to know that you can trust them wholeheartedly. Scorpios are deeply loyal and it’s nice to have someone to turn to when you need them most.

Sagittarius: optimism

Sagittarians are some of the most upbeat and fun people you’ll meet, so you can guarantee they’ll set the mood when needed. Garbis says they are particularly good at lifting people’s spirits. All fire signs can add spice to any scene, but Sagittarius has a real gift for spontaneity,” adds Smith, who notes that when things get awkward or boring in a social setting, Sagittarians are the ones. who can get the ball rolling again.

Capricorn: practical wisdom

Capricorn is one of the most practical and responsible signs. They work hard and stay calm even when things get dicey. In other words, they are good at becoming adults. If you’re struggling with a work project or experiencing a personal problem, these earth signs can easily help you, says Garbis. They have a lot of wisdom and are definitely the best people to help you through difficult times in life.

Aquarius: dedication

No matter what is going on with Aquarians, they will always find time to give their energy to the causes and people they are passionate about. After all, they are the humanitarians of the zodiac and they care deeply about the future. “They give their time to worthy causes, they support those most disadvantaged and they are always ready to stand up for equality,” says Smith. When they find something innovative or exciting, they will happily offer their services.

Pisces: boundless optimism

Pisces’ optimism is hands down their most adorable trait. They are non-judgmental, willing to go with the flow, and are always there to offer support to others. “This optimism keeps them from limiting themselves to perceived limitations and allows them to dream big,” says Smith. While their positivity can sometimes be annoying, it can also be inspiring because they refuse to give up or back down.