Find out which breed of dog corresponds to your zodiac sign with this viral TikTok.

A TikTok video has gone viral in recent days by mapping astrological signs to dog breeds. Bella, a tiktoker specializing in astrology, has created some very popular content by linking the typical character traits of each sign to certain dog breeds.

She has over a million followers on the social network, and her amusing videos on the subject have received rave reviews.

Aries, like Chihuahuas, are explosive and combative

According to Bella, people born under the sign of Aries are like Chihuahuas. “They destroy everything and fight with everyone in the street,” she explains. This association may seem amusing, but it underscores the explosive, combative character traits often attributed to this sign.

Bulls, like English Bulldogs, like to sleep and have fun

When it comes to Bulls, Bella compares their character to that of English Bulldogs. “They like to sleep all day and stain their faces when they eat, while being very expensive to maintain.” This association highlights the sign’s peaceful, greedy nature, as well as its need for comfort and pleasure.

Geminis, like Yorkies, are restless and curious.

Bella suggests that Geminis are similar to Yorkies. “They bark excessively and are too nosy for their own good”. This comparison highlights the boundless energy and endless curiosity that often characterize people born under this sign.

Cancer, a sad and affectionate Pug

According to Bella, Cancers resemble Pugs. “They always seem a bit sad and sticky as hell”. This association highlights the emotional nature and deep attachment of people born under this sign.

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Zodiac signs reveal dogs’ personalities

Continuing her analysis, Bella compares the sign of Leo to an Afghan greyhound. “Look at his hair, his confidence…! Come on, that dog knows he’s a star.” This comparison highlights the confidence and elegance often associated with the sign of Leo.

Librans, like Bichon Frise, seek to please and be beautiful.

Bella associates Balances with Bichon Frise. “Because they were raised to please people and must always look good before leaving home”. This correspondence underlines the desire of people born under this sign to preserve their appearance and satisfy the expectations of others.

Scorpio, a misunderstood Pitbull

According to Bella, Scorpios are similar to Pitbulls. “They’re misunderstood,” she explains. This association highlights the sometimes negative reputation of people born under this sign, as well as their passionate and determined nature.

Sagittarius, a Husky ready for adventure

For Bella, Sagittarians are comparable to Huskies. “Look at this guy, he’s ready for adventure”. This association underscores the energy and adventurous spirit that often characterize people born under this sign.

Capricorns, highly professional German shepherds

Bella claims that Capricorns resemble German Shepherds. “Of all the breeds, they have the highest employment rate”. This comparison highlights the determined and ambitious nature of people born under this sign, as well as their ability to succeed professionally.

Aquarius, a quirky and adorable Bull Terrier

According to Bella, Aquarians are similar to Bull Terriers. “Because they look so weird and adorable at the same time”. This association highlights the uniqueness and originality of people born under this sign.

Pisces, emotionally needy Pomeranians

Finally, Bella compares Pisces to Pomeranians. “Emotionally needy, physically lazy, but very loving and compassionate.” This association underscores the sensitivity and deep love that people born under this sign can feel.

Find out which dog matches your zodiac sign

If you’re curious about which dog matches your zodiac sign, check out Bella’s video on TikTok. This amusing comparison may put a smile on your face and allow you to explore the similarities between dogs and the characteristics associated with each sign.