For beautiful colors at your fingertips, here is a selection of 2023 nail art adopted this summer!

Good weather means beautiful nails. In fact, it is especially in summer that we enjoy creating art on our nails.

There are several revolutionary techniques to have perfect nails all summer long. Do you feel lost when faced with thousands of models available to you? Here is a small selection of Nail art 2023, which should give you ideas.

Nail art 2023: Varnishes are a real creativity!

In recent times, nail polish has become a real art. And you only need to take a look at our teenagers’ nails to find out. More and more people are rushing into nail beauty. There is growth of up to 9.5% in one year. So it’s an area that’s a hit. But then, what does Nail art 2023 have in store for us?

It has been a few years since salons specializing in Nail art opened their doors in France. A beauty treatment that has become essential for women. Far from classic varnish, nails are today decorated like masterpieces. And to support this revolution, products are available en masse for doing nails at home or in the salon. Impossible to miss Nail art 2023.

Thanks to the nail salon, many women who have difficulty growing their nails naturally can have beautiful, long nails in just a few minutes with Nail art 2023. It all started with the use of false nails. Today, various techniques are possible.

Applying false nails, acrygel, resin, gel are types of varnish to adopt depending on the desired results for this summer. Women can have harmonious shapes on their fingertips. These several techniques are used for perfect nails and in Nail art trends 2023.

What are the methods to adopt for beautiful nail polishes?

Here is an overview of the different models that will be very popular this summer. If you opt for acrygel, you will save time since it dries very quickly. As a result, it needs very rapid modeling. The very liquid texture of the gel in varnishes risks leaking through. This type of varnish allows you to have a rounded and longer effect. This must-have 2023 Nail art can last two to three weeks.

Airbrushing is the real Nail art trend of 2023. It is also called airbrush. This involves spraying the varnish delicately to fill a stencil and thus create a gradient effect. Foils are small transfer papers for many designs or moire effects on nails.

But another trend not to be missed for this summer, if you are a fan of Nail art, is aquarium nails. For this type of Nail art 2023, the work is done with finesse. In fact, it is necessary to superimpose an inlay of small decorative objects for the nails. Among others, there are gold leaves, flowers, stars or other motifs. Then we cover with a layer of resin or transparent acrygel before catalyzing. It is thanks to the multiple layers that we obtain an effect of depth.

For Nail art 2023, the colors are magnificent. Going through bright colors like orange, lilac, soft green or even girly pink, the best for summer. You can also afford to have glitter lines at the tips of your nails. A design style coming from French manicures. The salons also offer mirror or holographic effect varnish or even duochrome. Natural effects are still appreciated with milky white or nude.

Nail art 2023: Consequences on nail health?

Applying semi-permanent varnishes and gels requires the use of LED or UV lamps for rapid drying. This is a technique that is not highly recommended and should not be done repeatedly. In addition, when you need to remove this type of varnish, you have to return to the salon. After the remover, you need to scrape off the residue with a stick. This risks damaging the nails or making them more fragile. This type of Nail art 2023 should be reserved for major events.

And to allow you to have this same effect but without danger and to do it yourself, semi-permanent varnish kits are now available on the market. A kit that will allow you to have Nail art 2023 at home. The technique remains the same for large living rooms but the lamps are less powerful. And the removal is done with classic solvent.