Forgot your card? No problem! Here is the infallible technique to withdraw money!

In a world where phones do almost everything, banks have decided to follow the trend by offering a new functionality to their customers: withdraw money without using their bank card. This handy trick allows you to withdraw cash from the ATM without a card. All you need to do is use a banking app to access this revolutionary feature.

How it works ?

To be able to withdraw money without a bank card from ATMs, it is necessary to follow a few simple steps:

  • Download the corresponding application on your phone
  • Log in to your customer account
  • Choose the cardless withdrawal option
  • Enter the desired amount
  • Generate secure code
  • Go to a compatible distributor and enter this code

And There you go ! You can now easily withdraw money without even needing to take out your bank card.

Crédit Mutuel, a pioneer in the field

Among the banks that offer this innovative service, we find in particular Crédit Mutuel. Here are some tips from Crédit Mutuel for using this system:

  • Check that the cardless withdrawal function is activated on your bank contract
  • Find out about distributors compatible with this feature in your city
  • Be sure to use your bank’s official app to avoid scams and fraud.

A revolutionary novelty with some limitations

If withdrawing money without a bank card is a real step forward in terms of practicality, it is important to emphasize that this system is not yet widespread everywhere. In fact, not all ATMs are compatible with this technology and it is necessary to find out beforehand to ensure that you can make a withdrawal in good conditions.

In addition, like any innovative technology, there is always a risk of fraud. It is therefore advisable to remain vigilant and exercise caution when using it.

However, if it becomes widespread and security measures are respected, the possibility of withdrawing money without a bank card could become a standard to simplify the lives of customers.

The fight against bank card scams

The Japanese authorities are currently studying the possibility of withdrawing from people aged over 65 the provision to use their bank cards for a period of one year. This measure would be put in place to fight against bank card scams. The use of banking applications, allowing cardless withdrawal, could solve this problem by offering a secure alternative to affected customers.