Goodbye cockroaches! Here are the 5 plants to have urgently in your kitchen!

Avoiding the use of these chemicals which are not only harmful to human health, but which also pose a risk of poisoning to our children and pets, certain indoor plants offer a natural and ecological alternative.

In addition to the safety aspect, these plants also prove to be more economical in the long term compared to expensive chemical solutions. They act as natural insect repellents, while beautifying our living space and improving indoor air quality.

These plants that repel cockroaches.

Garlic is one of the most effective natural methods for scaring away cockroaches, as its strong odor repels insects, but is still unpleasant for some people. For greater effectiveness, you should crush garlic cloves and leave them around the house or sprinkle garlic powder to scare away cockroaches.

In addition to this remedy, one of the most effective houseplants is bay leaf because its unique smell will be irritating to these insects. It is recommended to leave a few sheets in as many corners as possible and scrub the furniture.

Another of the plants that will help you repel cockroaches is basil. If you plant basil in a few strategic places and also sprinkle dried leaves in the areas where you have seen cockroaches, you will prevent its spread in your home. You can also place them at entrances to your house that are in contact with the outside to prevent them from entering.

For its part, rosemary is also one of the most effective options for repelling these insects. Simply cutting sprigs of fresh rosemary and leaving them everywhere is enough to repel pests.

Finally, cucumber will have the same effect as other houseplants, there is something about its aroma that cockroaches hate.