Google Discover: Harness the Power of Lemon to Attract Wealth and Ward off Negative Energy with Feng Shui

© Feng Shui: Using Lemon to Attract Money and Eliminate Negative Energy from Your Home

Lemon is one of the most commonly used elements in Feng Shui and esotericism. Apart from its healing properties, it also possesses qualities that are beneficial for redirecting any negative energy that surrounds us.

If you wish to attract money and keep negative vibes away from your home, take note of how a simple lemon can help you achieve that effortlessly.

One of the main uses of lemon is to ward off negative vibes, especially envy or a rough period. This citrus fruit can effectively cut off any type of negative energy and even help resolve financial and relationship issues. Its powerful properties can be utilized to your advantage.

How to Attract Money and Eliminate Negative Energy from Your Home Using a Lemon?

An easy way to attract money and eliminate negative vibes from your home using a lemon is by placing it under your bed. This is believed to cleanse and purify the aura while you rest. When you are inactive, the lemon will channel positive energy and ward off all the negativity hindering growth and progress in various aspects of your life.

To activate the energy and attract money, it’s not merely enough to place the lemon under your bed. You must follow a few steps to chase away the accumulated bad vibes in your house. Start by cutting four fresh lemons in a cross shape and add some salt to each one. Place them on a plate.

After arranging the lemons on the plate, place them under your bed. It is recommended to position them on the side you normally sleep on. This will not only repel negative vibes from your home but also those that surround you personally. Additionally, it can help open new opportunities and attract financial abundance.

Lemon is perfect for severing any kind of negative energy around you. It acts as a protective amulet, promoting healing and rejecting anything harmful.