Half of Pet Owners Say They Would Dump Their Partner for This Reason, New Study Finds

Could your pet be a threat to your relationship? According to a recent study, our furry friends play such an important role in our lives that they might even be the reason some relationships end.

Our four-legged friends more important than our partners?

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) revealed that 81% of American adults aged 27 to 42 admit to loving their pets more than their family members. “Our romantic partners are not spared,” the study states, noting that 30% of respondents believe their other half comes after their pet.

Angi, a home services platform, conducted a survey in July 2022 of 1,000 US-based pet owners. Result ? Nearly 50% of respondents said they would break up with their spouse if the latter did not accept the way their animal is treated at home. This includes “philosophies of care” such as whether or not to allow pets to sleep on the bed or furniture.

Animals: a central place in our lives

When it comes to comfort and happiness, many pet owners are quick to put their pets first.

“With pets taking priority over an outing with friends and sometimes even a relationship, it’s no surprise that pet owners go out of their way to keep their pets comfortable”

say Angi experts.

The study also shows that 77.6% of participants let their animals sleep in their bed and almost 85% let them settle on the sofa or an armchair for a nap.

But how can we explain such an attachment? Haley Riddle, a licensed counselor who works for Mind Psychiatry in Houston, says pet owners often see their furry friend as the “constant companion” of their lives when they’re not in a relationship. This special bond can create a strong urge to protect the animal and the way it is treated.

However, some experts warn against being overly protective. Relationship coach Liam Barnett suggests open and honest communication between partners before making a drastic decision like a separation.