Her husband tells her that she’s not doing anything, she decides to stop cleaning for three days and the result goes viral!

Anyone who has young children at home knows how difficult it is to keep the house clean and tidy. The collaboration of both parents is always necessary to resolve the mess that the little ones leave in the house, as well as to remove all the dirt that comes from everyday life. And above all, it is unfair that in many households it is the woman who is primarily responsible for these tasks.

A young mother named Lindsay Donnelly went viral on TikTok after promising her followers that she would do absolutely nothing for three days and post photos of the result of neglecting her responsibilities. Simply to prove to her husband, Kris, that she takes care of most of the household chores. And, as expected, the result was a literal disaster.

@lindsaydonnelly2 Then I left town for a girls trip… #marriagehumor ♬ Karma (feat. Ice Spice) – Taylor Swift

“The worst part is that you have to pick up everything anyway,” said one user, expressing the reality of many new mothers. “It’s sad to have to do this kind of thing. And it still won’t work, he’ll pretend he didn’t notice anything,” commented another, resigned. “I want him to publicly apologize and admit his mistake,” noted another user. And, coincidentally, her wish came true: a few days later, Ms. Donnelly uploaded another video, this time with her husband, to denounce the entire situation.

“He’s not such a bad husband after all,” the woman said at the end of the first video, after two minutes of uninterrupted laughter, although Kris didn’t seem to find it funny at all. Apparently he wasn’t at all aware that they were going to be so famous on social media; neither does she, obviously, and that’s why she can’t help but laugh when she sees the reaction of her husband, who seems to have finally learned his lesson.

@lindsaydonnelly2 Replying to @kris ♬ original sound – Lindsay D

The reactions

“I think he apologized to all of us, but…. And you?“, declared an Internet user. “I guess I’m not the only person to notice some really weird tension on the other side of the screen,” another user commented. As the video progresses, we can see their son, who does not hesitate to continue his antics. Who would have thought that giving birth to children would be child’s play? If this sounds like you, you’d better try to help out around the house, because the word “divorce” is also one of the most repeated words in the comments of these videos.