Here are a few color suggestions to try out the “Oil-slick nails” trend for back to school!

As autumn approaches, why not try a unique manicure trend for 2023? The summer season is known for its joyful and cheerful atmosphere, making it the perfect time to add some color to your nails. One popular style that is gaining popularity is the oil-slick manicure. Inspired by the swirling rainbow effect created when oil is spilled into water, this manicure embraces the distorted and vibrant colors.

There are various methods to achieve the oil-slick nail art look, but the key is to create a rainbow-like effect by layering different colors over a base coat of black polish. However, this process can be time-consuming and challenging for some. If you prefer, you can visit a professional nail technician who specializes in this trendy 2023 manicure style.

Although oil-slick nail art has been around for a while, certain color combinations are more fashionable for the upcoming fall season. To stay on-trend, you can opt for greenish hues that will make your nails look lively and vibrant. Alternatively, you can skip the black base and use a gray shade as the foundation to make the mixed colors stand out. This will create a nail polish that resembles a precious gemstone.

For a more marbled effect, you can apply the oil-slick colors only on specific areas of the nail, imitating the appearance of marble. This style pairs well with a classic French manicure. Another option is the milky marbled look, where you start with a base of pink color and gradually introduce lighter shades towards the tip of the nail.

To enhance the oil-slick effect, it is recommended to use holographic varnishes. These products will make the rainbow coloring even more pronounced and give your 2023 manicure a bold and attention-grabbing look. For those who like a geometric aesthetic, you can experiment with alternating areas of normal varnish and oil-slick, creating a stylish contrast on your nails. Don’t hesitate to try this new nail art trend and dazzle those around you with your stunning manicure.