Here’s what to do to make your clothes look like new

There’s nothing more annoying than putting the washing machine on and coming out with musty-smelling clothes.

It is a very unpleasant smell that persists on our clothes even after they have dried. This bad smell is caused by fungi and mold that grow in certain parts of our washing machine, such as the box, the water tank or the rubber of the door.

The ideal would be to prevent the formation of mold through good ventilation of the washing machine drum. However, if this enemy has already conquered our machine, we can use the lemon trick to eliminate it completely, without having to use bleach, which can damage our washing machine and our clothes.

Simply mix a cup of white vinegar, an excellent cleaner, and the juice of a lemon, a natural disinfectant. We mix well, put the liquid obtained in a spray bottle and spray it in our washing machine, where we pour the detergent and fabric softener. Leave this mixture to act for five minutes, and it will be easier to remove the remains of detergent and mold from the drawer using a cloth.

Lemon and toothpaste

This tip can also be used to clean the washing machine door rubber, seals and drum. In addition, for a more thorough cleaning we can pour the rest of the mixture into the drum of the machine and carry out a short wash cycle with hot water. And if we prefer a more practical method, we can follow the advice of Rocioa TikToker who offers cleaning tips in the form of short videos.

@rbr_decohome tres usos del ???? .. in the washer with dental paste and in the bicarbonate and vinegar table .. in the desagüe to eliminate the bad smells and that no salgan bichos… microwaves, dos minutes and salt to the suciedad. #tipslimon #bicarbonatoyvinagre #limonparalimpiar ♬ I’m Good (Blue) – Cupido

She recommends cutting a lemon in half, applying toothpaste to both sides of the lemon, putting both pieces in the washing machine and running a full wash cycle. For greater cleanliness, she also shows how to impregnate the rubber of the washing machine with a good splash of white vinegar and bicarbonate, the classic ecological mixture for cleaning everything you want without damaging anything.

And if we want to give a touch of good smell to our clothes, while fighting against the appearance of mold, we can add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to the drawer, at the same time as the detergent. In this way, the internal ducts of our machine will be cleaned effortlessly and the clothes will come out clean and like new.