Here’s why you shouldn’t just wash your hair once a week

Our hair routine is often the scene of many myths and preconceived ideas. One of them, widely spread, is that you should not wash your hair every day. But, did you know that it is also not recommended to only do this once a week? Let’s find out why.

1. The importance of hair hygiene:

It is essential to have a good hair care routine to maintain the health and beauty of your hair. This involves regular washing which removes accumulated impurities and residues.

2. The dangers of washing too far apart:

According to Rosi Fernández, a Madrid hairdresser interviewed by the Spanish version of Vogue magazine, washing your hair only once a week can cause hair follicles to become blocked and prevent their oxygenation.

3. The role of external aggressions:

Pollution, tobacco smoke, perspiration and many other factors can make your hair dirty even if it appears clean. This is especially the case if you live in a big city.

4. The right washing rhythm:

Experts agree that it is necessary to wash your hair at least twice a week to remove all the residue that can accumulate on the scalp, and thus preserve the health of your hair.

5. The importance of conditioner care:

To maintain a beautiful mane, it is essential to use a conditioner and/or mask after each wash and rinse thoroughly.

Thus, far from preconceived ideas, regular washing of hair is essential for its health and beauty. Also don’t forget the conditioner treatments to nourish and strengthen your hair!