Hov’s Lane

Hov's Lane

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The J. Draughon Episode

In the revival of Hov’s Lane, I speak with North Carolina artist J. Draughon about everything from his disdain for Outkast to if he has ever met Petey Pablo, as well as everything in between.

The DC Don Juan Episode

This episode sees me speaking with DC artist Don Juan. We talk about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, his musical past, Young Thug’s presence in hip-hop and more.

The Vanderslice Episode

I hopped on the phone with Vanderslice, who is a producer from Pennsylvania. We discuss is Everything’s Awesome album, Migos and the digital age of rappers, his work with Freddie Gibbs, and more.

The Milton Episode

In this edition I get to talk with the very talented Milton, who is a native of the DMV area. We discuss his Simple Pleasures album, his favorite spot to eat at back home, the vibe of his music and more.

The Pope Adrian Bless Episode

Pope, who has been a guest in past years, gets on the line with me to discuss his Neighborhood Lights project. We also talk about him being crowned “God of Nap”, where he wants to go with his music, and more randomness ensues.

The Krown Royale Episode

In this edition I got to speak with New York’s Krown Royale. We discussed the Knicks upcoming season, an incident that happened with A$AP Mob, the internet sensation of his “LeBron James” song, and a whole lot more.

The Customary Episode

The latest installment of the interview series has myself speaking with Customary, who’s from Idaho. We talk about who they root for in the potato state when it comes to sports, his Christian music roots, cartoons, Compassion, and more.

The See.Francis Episode

On this installment I get to speak with the dope See.Francis, who put out his Fiat Lux project to much acclaim. We talk about the album, what he has coming up in the future, his start in music, what super hero he would be, and more.

The Dapa Don Episode

I talk with New York’s Dapa Don about his recent FOOD album, candy corn being the worst candy of all time, the New York Jets, how to spot the best corner store in NYC, and a whole lot more.

The Willy J. Peso Episode

On this episode I spoke with Detroit’s talented Willy J. Peso about his upcoming music, where he got his rap name from, which cartoon character he would like to live next door to, and plenty more.

The J. Nolan Episode

I talk with Atlanta’s J. Nolan on his The Humble Legends EP, his love for dropping athletes in his rhymes, his musical come up, and a lot more.

The Adam Reverie Episode

I spoke with Westside Rev on his The Westside Rev Project and his other project that’s dropping in 2015, the Detroit music scene, how he used to be an R&B singer, his song, and plenty more.

The Brooklyn West Episode

On this episode I did my first interview with an artist not from the United States. I spoke with The Bahamas Brooklyn West about her crush on Kendall Jenner, if she knew the characters from Avengers: Age of Ultron, what her Hazy Maze project will sound like, and more.

The Thomas CRWN Episode

For this installment of the interview series, I got to chop it up with Indianapolis, IN native Thomas CRWN. We talk music, of course, streaming services, artists giving music for free, Future Hive, and he tells about the time he met Uncle Luke. You HAVE to hear the Uncle Luke story.

The Pope Adrian Bless Episode (Part 2)

Pope is one of my favorite artists to interview and he wanted to come back to talk about a new project he has dropping. So we talk AM4, if Mick Jenkins looks like Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls, expanding his art beyond Indianapolis, Suicide Squad, and a whole lot more.

The Mallz Episode

I’ve been supporting his music for years but never got him on the phone for an interview. So that had to chance. North Carolina MC Mallz and I discuss the 49ers upcoming 2015 season, the best album to come out of North Carolina, if Superman is a crackhead, and his music.


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