How to get rid of mosquitoes in your car: 5 foolproof tips

With summer and rising temperatures, so do the dreaded mosquitoes. So car journeys at this time of year are also synonymous with hundreds of insects sticking to the windows and the rest of the car’s bodywork.

Insect remains and even bird droppings can damage the body, so it’s important to remove them in good time and to do so effectively.

Precisely if you want to prevent these from affecting both the protective layer and the paintwork of the car itself, or even impairing vision through the windows, here are some practical and effective tips with which you can remove them without damaging the bodywork. Simple, useful tips that will make mosquitoes a thing of the past on your car journeys.

5 tips for removing mosquitoes from your car

Use a damp towel

This is perhaps one of the best tips for cleaning mosquitoes out of the car. All you need to do is leave a towel soaked in water with any homemade cleaning product. Then cover the area you wish to clean with this damp towel and leave it overnight. This way, you’ll be able to soften the mosquito remains on the surface and remove them easily.

Window cleaning foam

After the towel trick, this is another of the most effective tricks for eliminating mosquitoes from the car. In this case, to do it, you’ll need to have window cleaning foam. With this product, you can greatly improve visibility during the journey if mosquitoes have remained on the window. However, once the trip is over, you need to remove any remaining insects with a pressure hose.

Hot water and soap

The classic trick of hot soapy water can also be very effective in removing mosquitoes from the car. To use it, you’ll need a microfiber cloth, warm water and a cleaner or degreaser. Simply pour the degreaser or glass cleaner onto the affected area and leave for five to ten minutes. Then soak the cloth in lukewarm water and rub the mosquito-affected area. Repeat this process as many times as necessary until the cloth is clean.


The acidity of apples is strong enough to remove insects from the bodywork without damaging the car’s paintwork. Cut an apple in half and rub it on the areas where there are mosquitoes. Finally, rinse the areas where you rubbed the apple with water and remove the mosquitoes completely.

Specific products

There are many products on the market specially designed to eliminate mosquitoes from bodywork and windows. To use them, simply spray the product on the car and leave it to work, then remove the insects with a cloth or microfiber glove and wash with water. Make sure the option you choose doesn’t affect the vehicle’s paintwork.

How to clean car windows step by step

To clean car windows, it’s best to use pressurized water first, this way you’ll be able to remove any dust, dirt and grime that may be on them and you’ll avoid scratching the glass.

You can then use a synthetic cloth or soft synthetic sponge to prevent any residue remaining and get a better finish. You can use neutral soap or clean the crystals with ammonia, vinegar or alcohol. In this way, the crystals will be much brighter.

Finally, simply hose off any remaining soap residue, then leave the car windows to dry completely. Finish by applying a glass cleaner with a dry cloth to remove any traces of soap and water.