In the land of soccer, Lionel Messi quickly established himself as one of the most dominant players on the planet.

He quickly became a true Avenger, rescuing Inter Miami from the bottom of the rankings to bring them to the pinnacle of the superhero battle. Like a flea, more agile and faster than any opponent, Messi stood out not only for his goals but also for his celebrations that sparked intergalactic conversations and wonder.

Last night, after scoring the goal against Charlotte FC that ensured a 4-0 win and qualified his team for the semifinals, our captain transformed into Peter Parker, spinning imaginary webs with a contagious smile. The most touching moment, however, came after his celebration, when he approached the spot where his sons Tiago, Ciro, and Mateo were, sharing with them the playful and loving spirit of his devotion to Spiderman. Two years ago, Tom Holland’s [reaction]( upon meeting his idol went viral; now we understand the mutual admiration between the two celebrities.

Why does Messi become a real avenger on the field?

The Argentine star had previously expressed his admiration for Marvel on several occasions. After his first goal in Inter Miami’s resounding victory over Atlanta United, Messi turned his gaze to the family box and extended his right hand in an enigmatic gesture. Speculations were cleared the next day when Antonella Roccuzzo shared a photo of Thor, confirming the inspiration. In another thrilling match against Orlando City, Messi celebrated by crossing his arms across his chest, thus paying tribute to Black Panther’s distinctive gesture.

While the main reason is the affection he holds for his children, who are avid fans of these stories, there is also speculation about economic and strategic motives. Some suggest that it could be linked to a collaboration between Marvel and Adidas, as Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami marked the beginning of a partnership with the brand for the launch of a special jersey

The pink warriors led by Lionel Messi effortlessly dominated and claimed victory over Charlotte FC at DRV PNK Stadium, securing their qualification for the Leagues Cup. Now, the team coached by Gerardo Martino is preparing for the semifinals, where they will face Philadelphia. A match eagerly anticipated to continue enjoying the joy of our blossoming king. Because a world champion celebrates as he sees fit, and in any country, he will always be our true superhero.