Influencer Remi Lucidi tragically loses his life in Hong Kong: fatal fall from the 68th floor

The Internet world is in mourning following the tragic death of French influencer Remi Lucidi, also known as Remi Enigma.

Famous for having climbed some of the world’s tallest buildings, he had a worldwide following of thousands. Sadly, his passion for risky challenges cost him his life on his last adventure in Hong Kong.

A daring climb to get thousands of followers

Remi Lucidi was an intrepid content creator, always ready to push boundaries and offer a different take on iconic locations around the world. He was famous on social networks for his photos and videos taken from the top of the most impressive skyscrapers. His publications accumulated hundreds of thousands of views and interactions.

His latest adventure turns tragic

Unfortunately, this time Remi Lucidi’s passion for extreme challenges ended up costing him his life. While attempting to climb to the top of the Tregunter Tower in Hong Kong, he suffered a terrible accident and fell from the 68th floor. The news of his death caused a wave of emotion among his many followers, who encouraged him to continue his daring exploits.

The shocking details of the accident

According to the Asian media outlet South China Morning Post, Remi Lucidi was the victim of the accident on July 29 at around 6pm. In order to gain access to the building, he devised a cunning plan to evade the security team. He pretended to have an appointment with a friend living on the 40th floor, which enabled him to pass unhindered. However, this ruse was discovered too late by the authorities.

A tragic fall

Once inside the tower, Remi Lucidi began his ascent without incident. The security cameras captured his route up the stairs and alerted the security guards to his presence. Unfortunately, when they reached the 68th floor, they discovered the roof hatch open, but no trace of the influencer. It would appear that he had tripped and fallen to his death, bringing his life to a tragic end.

Remi Lucidi’s last moments

Hong Kong authorities reported that Remi Lucidi was last seen alive at 7:38pm. A female member of the cleaning staff witnessed him violently banging on a window, apparently calling for help. Concerned, she immediately contacted the police. However, by the time officers arrived on the scene, the influencer had already disappeared.

Investigation reveals details of Remi Lucidi’s life

Following the discovery of Remi Lucidi’s body, the authorities found his camera containing all his adventures, including the one he was attempting at the time of his death. On consulting the recordings, it emerged that Remi Lucidi had planned to hike and explore the region during his stay in Hong Kong. His daring activities were an integral part of his personality.

A tragic death for an extreme sports enthusiast

Authorities concluded that Remi Lucidi had probably become trapped outside the attic while practicing his extreme sport. Knocking on the window for help, he ended up accidentally falling. His French identity card found near his body was used to confirm his identity.